British Fashion Awards 2014

British Fashion Awards - Winners Room

The British Fashion Awards are a big goddamn deal. My panic stricken getting-ready-for-them session coincided with running into my father who didn’t hesitate to mock me a LOT about my level of hysteria over whether my arrived-five-minutes-previously dress was too summery and if doing winter leg would make it look approps, or just give me hypothermia. Then there was the whole “to smoky eye or not to smoky eye” drama, which just made him scoff all the more. But, as I explained patiently with the attitude of one who knows the truth and is forced to relay that truth to a very, very stupid person, the British Fashion Awards are a hugely important event in the calendar of a major national, and global, industry plus a major social event full of influential people, not to mention a LOT of fun. So it was important, nay, imperative that I had my look down. Following that impassioned rant I was pleased to soon learn that this year’s ceremony would be one of the most spectacular, and most moving, I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend…

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M&S Style The Night


[youtube id="fyDkp-lqRUE" align="center" mode="normal"] Happy hump day friends! Until very recently I didn't get the concept of "hump" day at all or stop myself giggling every time I heard anyone say it. I now understand that the "hump" in question is Wednesday and referred to as such because we all have to cross that hump to hit the sweet downhill slope to the weekend. I don't know about you but at the mid week point I often start flagging a little and need a mood/energy boost so I thought that today would be the perfect day to share these fun videos! In celebration of…


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54th Hennessy Gold Cup

The 58th Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, Britain on 29 Nov 2014.

Oh I do love a day at the races! Apologies for sounding like a pompous arse but I’m British and have always had a “thing” about horses so getting out of London to watch a bunch of thoroughbreds pound around a track brings out the country bumpkin in me. Fresh back from a super quick trip to Frankfurt with Mulberry – well, perhaps not “fresh” thanks to me and Holly making the not so sensible decision to have post shoot cocktails at the Electric… idiots – I mainlined enough coffee to power a small town and headed to Paddington to meet my fellow race goers…

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