Celebrating The NetSet

The Net Set Launch Party powered by Net-A-Porter, London, Britain - 13 May 2015

I suspect this isn’t the first you’re hearing about The NetSet, powered by Net-a-Porter. Since its launch last week, the “world’s first shoppable social media app” has sent ripples across the fashion industry and indeed, across the world. While already the concept has had its fair share of naysayers, Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet has proved herself in possession of an innate understanding of what consumers want before they do to the tune of $800 million plus by recent valuation. So I think it would be unwise to underestimate her latest venture. And it would have been even more unwise to celebrate its launch with anything other than a stonking great party…

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5 Minutes With: Karen Walker

Karen Walker

You know my favourite pair of sunglasses? The candy pink, mega oversized bug eyes I can’t help wearing practically all the time? Then you no doubt also know that those bad boys are the work of Karen Walker. Perfectly putย in her own words, Karen “lives in the sweet spot where chic meets eccentric”. I could think of no more apt way to summarise the designer’sย aesthetic and why I, along with God knows how many others, adore it so much. Over two incredibly successful decades,ย the New Zealand based designer has built a global brand stocked in over 30 different countries and no doubt worn in many more. Besides sunglasses and ready-to-wear, Karen has carefully expanded her product range to include jewellery, homewear, paints and collaborations on shoes and accessories, none of which have been anything other than a resounding success.ย Last week Karen came to London to unveil the latest addition to the burgeoning Walker empire and managed to find time in her jam packed schedule for us to have a chat…

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