Tom Ford Lips & Boys

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 3

Left: Rafael, £26, click here to buy // Right: Luciano, £26, click here to buy

So, Christmas is over. I hope you all had a wonderful one? Mine certainly was although I have the inevitable post holiday urge to turn vegan, give up drinking and chain myself to a gym until Easter. I suspect this will have disappeared by the end of the afternoon, thank God. After a few days spent taking muddy walks, playing over competitive games of Scrabble and arguing over whose turn it is to to the washing up, even the sales can seem like an escape from the joys of being en famille. Said sales are of course in full swing both online and in stores all over the world but before I disappear down the rabbit hole of sale shopping, bankrupt myself and encourage you all to do the same, I just have to share this super exciting beauty launch. I know I don’t usually post about product launches but this one is really, really awesome. Meet Tom Ford Lips & Boys

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What to Wear for New Year’s Eve?

New Year's Eve NYE Ella Catliff

Ah New Year’s Eve, possibly one of the most unnecessarily stressful and inevitably expensive nights of the entire year. But let’s face it, we’re still all going to get dressed up, probably drink rather too much and try our damnedest to find someone, anyone, to kiss at midnight. This year I am determined that rather than trying to have the most awesome night that has ever been had – a recipe for disappointment in my experience – I’m just going to spend the eve with a few of the people I adore the most, preferably as far away from London’s crowded clubs and rowdy 5am tubes as is geographically possible. But of course, I still want to look fantastic, even if I ring in 2015 dancing around my sitting room with a bottle of cheap wine in one hand and a bag of onion rings in the other, having discarded my shoes and dignity some hours before. This, my lovely readers, is where you come in. In the interest of avoiding a panic stricken trip to Oxford Street on the 31st I’ve narrowed my New Year’s Eve outfit options down to three looks and I desperately need YOUR HELP deciding which one to wear! Hopefully this might help a few of you out too if you haven’t already decided on an ensemble to be rocking as we bid 2014 adieu as they are all totally shoppable baby…


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Kim Kardashian x Kayne West for Balmain

Kimye Balmain SS15 menswear ad campaign #4

Once again I find myself posting about Kim Kardashian. I’m not complaining, nor am I hating on her for demanding quite so much of our collective attention. There’s been no getting away from Kim and the klan over the past 12 months. Forget Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. If one person has well and truly owned 2014 it’s Kim Kardashian and the announcement of her and Kanye as the faces of Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2014 menswear campaign made damn sure there was no doubt in anyone’s minds about that…

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