Dining at: Old Tom & English

Old Tom & English 1

If you’re in the market for New Year’s Resolutions, or any kind of resolutions for that matter, then I can think of no finer aim for the year ahead than to wine and dine at lots of lovely spots you’ve never visited before. A far more enjoyable and rewarding pursuit than drinking gallons of liquidised kale or giving up Mojitos, if one that’s rather less kind on the wallet, not to mention the waistline. The subject of today’s review is a spot I actually discovered on twitter, which is not so surprising if you think about it considering I spent basically all day everyday galavanting around on the internet. While chowing down on something cooked by my own reluctant hand (and therefore inevitably unpleasant) I spied a twit pic sent out by Soho spot, Old Tom & English. After sharing my jealousy of whoever was tucking in to such a delicacy with the internet, the restaurant asked if I fancied popping down to sample some of their dishes myself. Obviously, I said yes…

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Introducing: Timur Kim

Timu Kim SS15 1

What better time to discover a few new designers than the New Year, eh? Well, to be honest any time of year is a good time to learn about the up and coming créatifs who will soon be shaping our sartorial worlds and wardrobes. It’s also slightly questionable whether the last week of January can still be considered “the new year” but you know what I mean. This particular designer is one who I’ve been meaning to post about for a while now but as is always the way, everything got very busy and I haven’t managed to until now. In a mere matter of weeks Timur Kim will be unveiling his AW15 collection (scary!) so I thought I’d better get on with sharing the SS15 designs that first caught my eye pretty pronto…


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