Icons Remastered: Fiat 500 x Ella Eyre

The New Remastered Fiat 500 Launch With An Exclusive Performance By Ella Eyre

It has been a fair while since my last party post mes amies! I believe my last couple were about Valentino's epic, unforgettable Roman extravaganza and the 10th anniversary of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb... So not bad bashes to take a hiatus after, am I right? Anyway, August is perhaps the quietest month on the fashion and, dare I say it, social calendar. Sartorially speaking, Europe (not London) literally shuts up shop. Generally speaking people actually go on holiday and want to be sunning themselves in Santorini en famille rather than swanning about in a cocktail frock here in Blighty. Well, now…

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Testing, Testing, 123

ella catliff, la petite anglaise

Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve done a “test shoot”! For once, I don’t think I’ve said this one million times before but as a teenager I did a fair amount of fairly unsuccessful commercial modelling. I’m not being modest in that respect, I was wrong for virtually every job and was in fact was once sent to – and subsequently laughed out of – a casting for Mother and Baby Magazine… yup, really. Anyway, said short lived foray into commercial modelling necessitated a lot of test shoots, the results of which ranged from truly mortifying pics involving pink satin, spandex and crimped hair (you are NEVER seeing those!) to certain shots I’m still pretty proud of some six years on. Thankfully, I haven’t had to spend 3 hours in a line of mile long legged models to be understandably turned away or scoffed at on a lingerie catalogue casting for a long time now but I also haven’t done a test shoot and, as I was reminded on this particular occasion, they can really be a lot of fun…

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Dining at: Hotel Chantelle London

Hotel Chantelle London

You may well have heard tell of Hotel Chantelle New York. Named after a French WWII safe house, the Lower East Side restaurant, lounge and event space is one of the hottest spots in a city bursting with hot spots and frequented by the likes of Katy Perry and Selena Gomez. Having been there myself a couple of fashion weeks ago and unsurprisingly thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I was more than a little excited to learn that Executive Chef Seth Levine and a roster of renowned restauranteurs would be bringing Hotel Chantelle to London…

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