3 Ways To Wear It: Botanical Bloom Skirt

Ella Catliff, Botanical Bloom Skirt

Zoo Hotel Botanical Bloom print skirt (available here)

Time for another edition of 3 Ways To Wear It! Today’s post is all about a piece that combines classic summer style with one of this season’s hottest trends, a botanical bloom print full skirt. When the mercury rises, as it did big time in London and Paris last week, choosing an outfit that looks chic and doesn’t make you feel as though you’re about to spontaneously combust from over heating can be something of a challenge. Wearing what is essentially denim underwear – you know how much I loathe those shorts – in the city can seem like a good idea but is in fact both uncomfortable and borderline offensive from an aesthetic perspective. A full skirt on the other hand is easy, breezy (literally) and elegant, not to mention very versatile. Throw this season’s most coveted florals into the mix and you’ve got yourself a winner…

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Ferragamo Firenze

Firenze Ferragamo 1

For most of us, the standard response to the question “how have you been?” is, inevitably “busy!” A lot of the time this is true, or true ish, but it’s also just become what ones says, myself included. Well, you know what? Over the past few weeks that could not be truer in my case. But responses of the no doubt annoyingly positive have definitely been thrown in there too as the franticness of my schedule has been down to some truly amazing, pinch me moments like this particular whirlwind trip to Firenze with Ferragamo…


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LPA x McArthurGlen: Serravalle Styling

LPA McArthurGlen Serravalle

Good morning mes amies! It feels like an appropriate day for me to be sharing this video as the mercury has rocketed in London and it’s as hot here as it was in Serravalle the day we shot it. Naturally half the country has gone into (in some cases literal) meltdown, public transport is barely working and we’re all profusely sweating because, y’know, Britain. In actual fact we should all just enjoy the fact that horizontal sleet isn’t happening. Personally I’m refusing to complain and the glorious sunshine is putting me in as joyous a mood as I was on this particular Italian afternoon…

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