5 Minutes With… Karin Park

Karin Park

Karin Park

I’m embarassed to admit that until quite recently, I’d never heard of Karin Park. Then again, my music knowlege and taste is generally pretty appalling (the ‘most played’ playlist on my ipod includes more than it’s fair share of Britney) so that’s not entirely suprising. You on the other hand, may well have heard Karin’s name and music. But if not, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with them very soon as the raven haired beauty hailed as Scandinavia’s hottest export is racking up hits, awards and acclaim all over the show. Oh and let’s not forget a major advertising campaign for SWAROVSKI Crystallized which is how I managed to snag an interview with the electro-pop sensation.

LPA: How did your collaboration with Swarovski Crystallized come about? Are they a brand you’ve always felt a particular affinity towards?

KP: Through the photographer Thomas Knights who did a music video with me. He has worked with the brand before and thought I would be great for this collection. SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED has been around for a long time and represents a luxury that was unreachable to me when I was younger and therefore fascinating to be a part of now.

LPA: Talk me through a typical day as an award winning singer/songwriter…

KP: I get to create, perform and talk about music all the time and get to meet a lot of talented  people around the  world who inspire me.  I also get to DJ my favourite music and wear hot clothes and jewellery. A lot of different and fun things really.

LPA: How would you describe your personal style?

KP: My music is playful but with friction and resistance in it. Everything I do needs to have some friction. I call it industrial goth-electro pop and my style reflects that.

LPA: As your music gains increasing international recognition, the way you dress will inevitably come under greater scrutiny. Do you work with a stylist or if not, do you have plans to start doing so in future?

Style  is very important in every step of the way as a musician. From what you wear to what sounds on the synthesizer you choose. It all has to fit together and speak the same language for people to understand. For me, music always comes first though. And then everything else follows in its footsteps. I worked with an amazing stylist at the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED campaign shoot, I had a great day – I just danced around to Depeche Mode, a bit of  Azari & III and Friends on the stereo and the pics got done that way!

LPA: Who are your favourite designers and why?

I love designers like Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Yohji Yamamoto and Erevos Aether. In their clothes there is  strength, individuality and also dreams of another world. Those are things I can connect to.

LPA: Vintage, high street or designer… What kind of shopper are you?

I get to travel a lot both geographically and emotionally. I get to meet so many cool and talented people, I get to see beautiful places and eat amazing food. I collect all these encounters and turn them into style whether vintage, high street or designer.

Love Ella. X

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