5 Minutes with: Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen
As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have nearly enough Peter Jensen in my life. A couple of seasons ago I fell head-over-heels for what must have been his SS12 collection but somehow haven’t made it to any of his presentations since then… Damn you fashion week scheduling disasters, damn you to hell! Anyway, enough ranting, and back to the matter at hand. With their bold hues, kooky details and tongue-in-cheek edge the Danish designer’s quirky cool creations are totally covetable and entirely up my street. Even more intriguing than his penchant for cute collars (of which I wholehartedly approve) is the fact that every season Jensen looks to a different iconic woman to inspire his work. Having already cited a diverse range of ladies including Cindy Sherman and Tippi Hendran as muses, we should have lost our capacity for suprise by now but Jensen still managed to deliver a blinder with an SS13 collection in homage to Yorkshire born sculptress Barbara Hepworth.

peter jensen

Peter Jensen SS13

In the lead up to his forthcoming exibition in Hepworth’s hometown of Wakefield, I caught up with Peter to get the inside scoop on his latest offerings and fashion career so far…

LPA: You’re well known for always looking to a particular muse to inspire your collections. Why do you look to an individual woman rather than something more abstract?

PJ: I think that the only way to answer that is to say that these women brings something special to the Peter Jensen universe. I use them as a tool, I let myself live within there world for as long as I’m working on the collection, this is the way I have always worked and it makes sense in my head.

LPA: In previous seasons your muses have included hugely varied women ranging from Cindy Sherman to Helena Rubenstein. What was it about sculptress Barbara Hepworth that inspired you for SS13?

PJ: Her work. I didn’t know much about her before I started to look at her work for the SS13 collection, it fascinated me, I liked her lines in her work, her use of colours and her way of making it work so nobody would be in doubt that you are looking at a Hepworth piece.

LPA: The sculptural, minimalist aesthetic of SS13 seemed very different to the bold prints and bright hues of your resort collection inspired by Tippi Hendren. Would you say this is largely down to you having chosen such a contrasting muse or were you consciously trying to move away from your previous collection?

PJ: Funnily enough I always think that there is a red thread though all the collections, but of course working with a different muse every season brings something new to the table, which I like. It keeps me going and it tells a story, which I think fashion should do.

LPA: One of my favourite things about your designs is that they always seem to have a sense of humour or playfulness to them. How important is that to you as a designer? Do you think that fashion sometimes takes itself too seriously?

PJ: I don’t know if fashion takes itself too seriously, but fashion is a funny thing to talk about, what is there to say about it more then it should be fun make you feel good about oneself. I can only say that I have a sense of humor, I think I see the world though some very childish pair of glasses.

LPA: Who, dead or alive, would you most like to see wearing your SS13 collection? Aside from Barbara Hepworth of course…

PJ: I very much like the women that I know already wear Peter Jensen like Kirsten Dunst, Nina Persson and Lena Dunham. I would love to dress Jessica Lange

LPA: What is your ultimate aim for the Peter Jensen brand?

PJ: To make a lot of money…

Love Ella. X

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