Agent Provocateur Mayfair Store Launch Party

Agent Provocateur

Unable to choose an outfit for the Agent Provocateur party on Tuesday, I inevitably turned to twitter. My reliance on social networks to make even the most basic decisions (i.e “getting a Starbucks latte, do I go Tall or Grande?”) is definitely a little unhealthy but more often than not, it results in genuinely useful advice. This wasn’t one of those times. @TheMissAP recommended “something small and easily removed”… Appropriate for a lingerie party in theory, a recipe for frostbite and/or getting arrested for indecent exposure halfway down Regents Street in practice. In the end I went for one of my favourite ensembles and even attempted a bold lip for the second time ever!

Agent Provocateur

After caving in to the cold and getting a cab I drew up at the new Agent Provocateur store on Grosvenor Street to be greeted by lace underwear clad models frolicking in the window. Inside the boutique was every bit at lavish as one would hope with rich mahogony wall panelling, thick plush carpets and luscious silk drapes adding to the general air of decadence . Besides the usual champagne (served in very swish gold detailed flutes) my fellow guests were also treated to an absinth bar. Having not gone near the stuff since a not-so-pleasent encounter with it in a slightly scummy Soho bar a few years back, I abstained from the absinth and felt rather smug as a result.

Agent Provocateur

I’d never been to an event hosted by Agent Provocateur before but assumed that any bash thrown by the brand famed for being the last word in haute nautiness would be a good one. This was evidently a sentiment shared by pretty much everyone and the store was packed fit to burst with familiar fashion faces and a few famous ones too including burlesque star Immodesty Blaze and the achingly gorgeous Josephine de la Baume. After a couple of hours drinking and mingling I picked up my extremely good goodie bag and headed home to be tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle by 10pm, perfection!

Love Ella. X


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