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I’ve written a fair few posts about the relationship between art and fashion. Now, my friends, it’s time for another. You may also remember a piece I wrote on Alexander Lewis a while ago. Or a more recent interview with the man himself. No doubt you’ve heard his name elsewhere too as, it seems, Alexander is the designer to watch right now. I’m not going to start being smug about “getting there first” because I was introduced to his work by people far more knowledgeable than myself but the second I clapped eyes on Lewis’ Pre Fall 2013 collection last year my jaw hit the floor. All glimmering jacquards and immaculate tailoring, those clothes were both excellent and reflected the intelligence and business acumen of their creator; a designer who cleverly decided to launch his brand with pre collections (for reasons you can read here) and has reaped the rewards. Lewis’ latest project looks set to cement his status as one of the smartest fellows in fashion today and send his already rising profile stratospheric. It’s also one that instantly appealed to me given my love of fashion x art collaborations. The aptly named ARTIST INTERVENTION series will see Alexander Lewis collaborating with female artists on three capsule collections, kicking things off with Marie Angeletti. Firstly, as I’m sure you’ve clocked, the clothes are really, really lovely. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, the collaborative creative process behind these garms is rather fascinating.

alexander lewis

alexander lewis

Marie has made a name for herself in the art world through her captivating use of photography. Subjecting her images to a number of processes, ranging from re-photography and scanning to abstraction, Angeletti creates works that are at once familiar yet impossible to decipher. These ambiguous concoctions are certainly compelling to look at, but who’d of thought they’d look fly on a cocktail frock? Alexander Lewis, that’s who. This was certainly not a case of simply plonking one of her previous works on a dress, however. While Marie delved back into her own archives for the collaboration, the images she chose were reimagined and then expertly integrated into garments woven as jacquard in three cases and printed in another. The duo enlisted the expert help of ninth generation English silk weavers, Stephen Walters and Sons who had never attempted or executed anything like this before but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, pulled it off beautifully.

alexander lewis

What I adore most about the collection, and the collaboration itself, is its authenticity. The clothes are utterly exquisite in their own right but, after a little research, you can really see how each party’s own area of expertise and personal passions have combined to create something extraordinary. There is also a seriously fab film to accompany the collection, directed and shot by the multi talented Marie Angeletti.


I can’t wait to see what the next ARTIST INTERVENTION will bring and would very much like that silk bomber in my wardrobe, please!

Love Ella. X


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