Attack of the Hats


At the risk of revealing what a deeply uncool person I am, I have to say that organising my wardrobe is probably one of my all time favourite ways to spend an afternoon… Aside from adding to my wardrobe that is. I returned to London last Saturday from a week in the countryside with two enormous suitcases stuffed with largely unworn clothes (why I thought I’d need four cocktail dresses in the middle of the Ashdown Forest remains a mystery) to unpack so the obvious thing to do was embark on a full scale organisation session. In between dressing up in party frocks and discovering a depressing number of garments with their tags still on I was shocked by quite how many bloody hats I own! And that was before I unpacked the ones I’d been given for Christmas! But do you know what? I don’t regret even one of my hat purchases. Hats are awesome. Not only do they keep your head nice n’ toasty but they have the ability to transform an otherwise “meh” outfit into something fabulous. So when the boyf mocked me for having an entire, large section of my wardrobe devoted to headwear I could honestly retort that on a cost-per-wear basis every single one of them has more than paid for itself. Well, except for the floppy maroon number which I wore once during London Fashion Week and never again due to the fact that it flies off at the slightest gust of wind, but he doesn’t need to know that. Anyway, it was too rainy to leave the house (surprise, surprise) and I couldn’t quite bring myself to start on any university work so I decided it would be fun to try the best ones on and share them with you.


Above clockwise from top left…
Burgundy faux fur from Topshop
3 year old orange bobble hat from Topshop, can’t believe I’ve managed not to lose it!
Fair Isle beret from Accessorize via Father Christmas
Green bobble hat from Topshop, bought the matching scarf, natch.


You know the drill…
Maje fur hat, Christmas present from my mum, so soft and snuggly I never want to take it off!
Red beret from American Apparel, love berets.
Vintage fur hat bought for a fiver from Portobello Market, sorry about the silly face.
Burgundy felt hat from Uniqlo, chic but seriously impractical.

Love Ella. X

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  2. Fauxionista says:

    This is too cute. I love the red beret out of the whole bunch.

  3. Anna says:

    HAHA, oh my god you are so frigging cute! See you later! xxx

    South Molton St Style

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