Attack of the Socks!



A few weeks ago I decided to indulge in a spot of of wardrobe organisation which sounds dull but is hands down, one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. Somewhere between trying on party dresses and mourning the Mulberry shirt I bought knowing didn’t fit and have never worn, I realised what a vast number of hats I owned. Obviously the result of my discovery was all previous plans to do some Uni work being immediately forgotton. Instead I spent the next hour dressing up and taking photographs to share my collection of headgear with the world in a post I called “Attack of the Hats”. This got me thinking about unusual fashion obsessions. I’m not talking about stilettos, skinny jeans or handbags, not being obsessed with at least one of those is unusual. No, what I’m talking about is our more random sartorial fixations. The garments we feel an irresistable urge to buy multiple variations of despite not really knowing why. Mine is socks. Specifically novelty socks, the tackier or more ridiculous the better. From cosy cashmere and Fair Isle angora to foxes wearing party hats and 3D cartoon characters complete with jingly bells, you name it, I’ve warmed my tootsies with it and no doubt instagrammed it (#socialmediaaddict) at some point too. There’s just something about slipping into a pair of jolly socks that brings a smile to my face and given how FREEZING it is in London at the moment, their fabulous cosiness is pretty crucial too. Here are a few more of my current faves…


Has anyone else got any unusual fashion obsessions? If so I’d love to hear them!

Love Ella. X

2 Thoughts on Attack of the Socks!

  1. Fauxionista says:

    These are adorable, especially the first pair! 😀 And nope, no unusual fashion obsessions on my end other than bags. 😛

  2. Oh yes, i have tons. Currently i am also obessed with socks as well and anything Emerald oxox

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