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Shine On Whistles











Whistles Daisy Foil Skirt, Foil Patchwork Vest, Luiza Cashmere Crewneck and Harlow Varsity Bomber Jacket worn with AllSaint scarf, Anne Bowes Jewellery necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag & Sophia Webster heels.

Another post, another pun tastic title. Sorry guys, but I just can’t resist. This particular ensemble is a celebration of, you’ve guessed it, Whistles. Anyone’s who’s read LPA for any length of time will be well versed in my borderline unhealthy obsession with the brand. From the elegant grey peacoat that was my pride and joy aged 17, to the pastel Peter Pan collar blouses I stockpiled during the summer of 2011, to my vast collection of all things Jane Shepardson designed today, they’ve got me hooked and willingly so. Whistles’ SS14 collection, displayed in their first ever catwalk show atop the Heron Tower is a true testament to it’s rise to the foreground of really great British Fashion. And this skirt, this shining, shimmering, stunner of a skirt and perhaps the piece de resistance. I fell hard the second I spotted it sashaying down the runway so when Whistles challenged me to style up their silver skirt for London Fashion Week I leapt at the opportunity. Given that it’s such a statement garment I wasn’t entirely sure how to make it work for daytime – not to mention, freezing February temperatures – but after an epic dressing up session involving most of the contents of my wardrobe and Whistles’ SS14 collection I settled on this ensemble. The personalised bomber jacket is not only my newfound favourite thing but, paired with a super cosy cashmere sweater, also puts a casual spin on what is essentially a mega glam evening skirt. Of course, we wouldn’t want to make things too casual so I threw my heart print Sophia Webster’s into the mix, keeping with the silver and pink theme. I’m also wearing a matching, bias cut silver top underneath which will be unveiled after dark (inside a well heated venue). All in all, I’m rather in love with this outfit and the fact that this skirt is SO MUCH FUN to wear is the icing on the cake. If you snap one up, I highly recommend taking it outside on a windy day and prancing around like a madwoman. You might get a few stares but the novelty factor makes your neighbours thinking you’re a nutter totally worth it.

You can watch Whistles AW14 London Fashion Week presentation live between 11.30am and 1.30pm on Monday 17th February here

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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5 Minutes With: Heidi Klein

Regardless of whether your a fashion fanatic or swimwear stalker, I suspect you’ve heard of Heidi Klein. Since launching in 2002, the label has become something of a one-stop-shop for chic holiday essentials for women, men and children with stockists the world over and famously fabulous fans including Olivia Palermo as well as legions of non famous but no doubt equally fabulous wearers. When Co-Founders, Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein decided to set up their first boutique the frustration of trying put together a great holiday wardrobe outside of the usual summer months, they clearly tapped into an angst shared by many. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend an intimate presentation of their SS14 and exclusive Jumby Bay collection (available here now) at the divine London Rosewood hotel, and of course, have a good old chat with the designers. So, without further ado, here’s my interview with one half of the duo behind the brand and fellow Breton stripe aficionado, Heidi Gosman.

Heidi Klein

LPA: In just over a decade, you’ve built one of the most coveted and successful beachwear brands in the world. Of course, there’s no such thing as a “secret to success”, but what do you feel it is about the heidi klein brand that appeals to such a wide range of consumers?

HG: We are constantly working with our customers to find out what works for them, what doesn’t, what’s missing in the range, etc. Having the two stores in London allows us to talk directly to our customers and feedback with a collection that’s in direct accordance to demand.

LPA: Today, heidi klein has standalone boutiques in two of the most prestigious areas of London, as well as a vast array of high profile stockists all over the world. Tell me a little bit about your professional journey to get to this point…

HG: We wanted our first boutique to open in an up-and-coming area, which was Notting Hill at the time. Then our clients told us they wanted a boutique closer to Chelsea, so we opened another there. The stockists started to approach us first. Barneys in NYC 2 years after we first launched the line, then the other majors followed. We are delighted to be in such great high profile stockists.

LPA: I’ve interviewed many different clothing designers and am always fascinated to hear about the creative process and methods that go into dreaming up their seasonal collections and then translating those ideas into saleable products. Is the process very different with beachwear do you think? How do you get your take your collections from mood board to store?

HG: I think the process is probably the same, you start with your inspiration, which is a print, colour, shape … it’s then a long, long process from there. Lots of deadlines, fittings, factory visits and late nights!

LPA: Besides heidi klein swimwear for women, you also stock a selection of other brands catering to men and children. What prompted this decision? And could you ever see yourselves either stocking other women’s swimwear brands or starting to design men’s and children’s swimwear?

HG: We actually started the business only selling other swimwear brands and accessories. The heidi klein brand started when we couldn’t find what customers were asking for, and that was chic, high end swimwear available all year round. We therefore noticed a gap in the market and went from there. We are also planning to launch a children’s swimwear line in 2015.

LPA: Tell me a little about your collaboration with Jumby Bay. How did it come about? And in what ways does the nine piece collection reflect your experiences of the island?

HG: We were thrilled that Jumby Bay approached us to host our photo shoot for this year’s collection. Jumby Bay is a stunning private island surrounded by the most beautiful blue water, which I tried to capture in the print. You go everywhere by bike or golf cart, it’s a very laid back place and so I wanted to reflect this in the styles I designed. Easy – yet super chic pieces.

LPA: What are your ultimate holiday destinations and are there particular pieces you would wear there?

HG: Some of my ideal holiday destinations are Portofino, Ibiza and Mustique. I always pack an easy, oversized shirt, great versatile sandals, a few maxi dresses for the evening, a floppy hat and lots of mix and match bikinis.

LPA: Aside from creating gorgeous beachwear, you are both fundamentally savvy businesswomen who have built up a global brand. Do you come from a business background? And what advice would you give to someone hoping or planning to launch their own business?

HG: Yes I came from a business background, but have always loved being creative. Best advise to launch business:
- Research, research and research!
- Great business partner
- Always seek out and recruit brilliant people

LPA: Talk me through a typical day in the heidi klein office…

HG: There is no typical day, that’s what makes my job so much fun. I’m either visiting a factory, in the showroom for meetings, at a press event or in the studio. My days are constantly changing.

LPA: What is your ultimate aim for the heidi klein the brand?

HG: To gift customers with a renewed brand of confidence that allows them to look and feel gorgeous on holiday.

Shop the Heidi Klein Jumby Bay collection here

Love Ella. X

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River Island First Date Dressing Masterclass

I’m not ashamed to say that two of my absolute, ultimate favourite pastimes are getting dressed up and prancing around in front of cameras. For some sickeningly stylish liars people, outfitting oneself is a case of nonchalantly grabbing whatever’s handy and being photographed is a total bore but I openly revel in all of it. After all, I probably wouldn’t have started posting pictures of myself and my ensembles on the internet (bit weird when you put it like that) the following year if I didn’t!? Anyway, as you may remember I spent a fabulous few days eating, drinking and generally being indulgent in Ibiza with River Island last Summer and, not that the two are remotely connected, their collections have been going from strength to strength ever since. Given the fact that SS14 is unbelievably covetable, the team awesome and I do love cameras, when River Island asked me to star in a masterclass video with the lovely Marcus Jaye of TheChicGeek.co.uk, obviously the answer was a big fat YES! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, my masterclass was all about dressing for a first date. This was something my nearest and dearest found simply hilarious because my love life’s non existent and the fact I’m clearly going to die alone surrounded by small dogs and expensive handbags gives them endless LOLS. However, I maintain that my lack of love life is nothing to do with my ability to select super cute datewear and I hope this video proves it!

Getting Ready Look
Red Checked Oversized Shirt,  £25, click here to buy
Black Molly Jeans, £35, click here to buy
Black Cleated Sole Platform Boots, £75, click here to buy

Date Look
Coral Floral Jacquard Jacket, £50, click here to buy
Coral Floral Jacquard Short, £28, click here to buy
White Cut Out Shell Top, £20, click here to buy
Pink Jelly Statement Necklace, £28, click here to buy
Light Pink Gemstone Statement Ring, £8, click here to buy
Asymmetric Court Shoes, £35, click here to buy
Faux Pearl Embellished Clutch, £35, click here to buy

What do you think? Would you rock this ensemble for a first date?

Love Ella. X

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Bailey’s Stardust

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014

David Bailey, photography legend. Perhaps one of the most legendary in the history of ever. Not a particularly eloquent way of putting it I admit but true nonetheless. Over a career spanning five decades and counting, Bailey has redefined ideas about beauty, celebrity and the very concept of fashion and portrait photography. His subjects have included everyone from Kate Moss to the Rolling Stones and continues to influence, inspire and enrapture. This was a point truly drummed home for me by Bailey’s Stardust sponsored by HUGO BOSS, an incredible exhibition of 250 plus of his finest works which opened last week at the National Portrait Gallery.

I don’t claim to be a serious culture vulture. The only two films I’ve seen at the cinema over the past 12 months were Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and Anchorman two, both works of cinematic brilliance (or at least mega lols) but unlikely to earn their directors a Palme D’Or. I do however really love a good exhibition. Wandering around the hallowed halls of an artistic haven, gazing open mouthed at things you cannot comprehend a human being could create. The only thing that can improve the experience is a plentiful supply of champagne and blissful lack of camera toting tourists (iPhone toting fashion folk also obstruct the view but at least they do so wearing really nice shoes) and these qualities are what make private views always worth attending.

bailey's stardust

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014


After an achingly long day of uni followed by a high speed outfit change/dinner/hysterics-and-hugging session at Soho House, my BFF Char and I pitched up at the National Portrait Gallery to be greeted by about a zillion flashing cameras. Whether or not they actually meant to flash in my direction I have no idea but they did capture a few unbelievably unflattering images of me pulling strange faces while struggling out of my many layers which are no doubt lurking on the internet somewhere. Given the vast coterie of A lister, supermodels and rockstars that have posed as Bailey’s subjects, it’s no wonder the the paps were out in force that night. And they certainly wouldn’t be leaving with empty hands, or rather empty memory cards, as Jerry Hall, Zandra Rhodes, Grayson Perry, Jasmine Guinness, Caroline Issa, Graham Norton and Mossy herself were just a few of the famous faces who showed up looking hot to pay homage to Mr Bailey.

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014

David Bailey & Kate Moss

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014

Caroline Issa

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014

Grayson Perry

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery sponsered by Hugo Boss and cocktails by Ciroc, London, UK - 03 February 2014

Zandra Rhodes

Jerry Hall and David Bailey

Jerry Hall & David Bailey

As for the photos themselves, well, where to even begin. After navigating the paparazzi fray – throwing my assorted cold weather accoutrements at a mildly bemused Char as I went in an attempt to look vaguely elegant – we entered the gallery to be confronted by a vast shot of Michael Caine mischievously lifting his glasses. This image just about sums up what is so utterly awesome about David Bailey. He doesn’t just create beautiful photographs, although he certainly does that too, Bailey captures his subjects’ personality. Walking through the thematically arranged exhibition, this was the what struck me most about the works on display. Whether it’s Bailey’s shots of Rudolf Nureyev, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and the Kray twine from his 1960s Black and White Icons series, or a topless, space headgear clad Abby Lee Kershaw from an i-D Magazine spread just a couple of years ago, every image appears to leap from the frame while epitomising the zeitgeist of the period during which it was conceived.

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014

Having had a look at other reviews of Bailey’s Stardust I was rather dismayed to see it slated by some critics. Admittedly, I’m no professional in the field, but the exhibition promised a riveting, enjoyable overview of Bailey’s incredible career and from where I stood it seemed to deliver. One publication, somewhat pointedly disparaged the entertainment value of Bailey’s work and the retrospective. Indeed, both are entertaining, but as fas as I’m concerned that doesn’t detract from the beauty of and talent behind some of the most iconic, recognisable and character packed images taken in the fifty years. The entertainment V art dichotomy opens up a debate I’m not even going to go into right now for fear of boring you all senseless. But rest assured, it’s coming soon, perhaps when you least expect it…

"David Bailey: Bailey's Stardust' Private View at National Portrait Gallery, London, UK - 03 February 2014

Bailey’s Stardust will be on at the National Portrait Gallery until June 1st 2014. I highly recommend seeing it! A huge thank you to hosts with the mosts HUGO BOSS for a wonderful evening and for dressing me so beautifully.

Love Ella. X

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3 Ways To Wear It: The Fashion Sweatshirt

As discussed in a recent Look Du Jour, despite my aversion to things sportif I did give in to the allure of the fashion sweatshirt. What some, myself included especially, dismissed at first as a fad is now officially an essential component of any sartorially conscious person’s wardrobe. After loudly proclaiming that I’d never succumb to the sweatshirt, I found myself eating those words some time last Summer when I spied this Kenzo stunner in Browns Focus. I went in for a meeting and came out, some £200 poorer with what is essentially a glorified version of PE kit. But, I had a spring in my step and visions of how freaking cool I’d look rocking it whirring away in my brain so didn’t particular care that I had no idea what I’d actually wear my new toy with. My vast collection of preppy, pretty, unashamedly girly garms don’t lend themselves so well to streetwear inspired pieces… Or at least that’s what I thought, anyway.

kenzo fashion sweatshirt

Sadly this beauty is sold out but there are oodles of Kenzo new season pieces available on MATCHESFASHION.COM and Net-a-Porter or you could hit up Vestiaire and hunt the original down

In an attempt to get some bang for my buck and challenge my styling capabilities I decided to make said fashion sweatshirt the subject of this instalment of 3 Ways To Wear It.


fashion sweatshirt


kenzo fashion sweatshirt

fashion sweatshirt

Worn with J Brand skinny jeans (available here), Gap slip on sneakers (similar here), 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli (similar here) & Lily and Lionel scarf (new season version here)

Ok, so this ensemble isn’t the most imaginative. It’s basically my go-to when I want to look halfway fashionable but have overslept, have a hangover or just can’t be bothered to give anything much thought. But hey, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic J Brand 811’s (funnily enough, the subject of another 3 Ways post). I added Gap slip-on sneakers – Celine’s sell out version require way too much commitment for a ballet pump devotee like myself – and eye-popping pink accessories. Minimal effort for what I feel is a pretty decent outfit, result!


fashion ella catliff

kenzo ella catliff

fashion sweatshirt

fashion sweatshirt

Worn with American Apparel denim skirt (available here), Russell & Bromley loafers (very similar here), Tezenies pop socks (basically identical here) & Kurt Geiger satchel (real deal available ON SALE here)

I thought that prepping up a fashion sweatshirt would be nigh on impossible but in retrospect, I think it works pretty well! Obviously no preppy look is complete without a crisp collar so I layered a trusty white Gap shirt underneath. Next step to prep, an A-line mini, namely an American Apparel denim number I’ve literally had forever. I added the final touches with a Kurt Geiger mini satchel and Russell & Bromley loafers. Then added pop socks because, well, why wouldn’t you?

After Dark

kenzo juicy couture guess

fashion sweatshirt


Sophia Webster Ella Catliff

Worn with Juicy Couture waxed jeans (availble ON SALE here), Sophia Webster heels (similar here), GUESS handbag & Swarovski Crystallized Treasure Chest Necklace & Bracelet (available here and here)

Last but not least, fashion sweatshirt, after dark edition. Out of the three, I think this is the look I’m least confident about. As you may remember from this Kenzo sweatshirt’s previous appearance on the blog, last time I took it out for cocktails it was paired with a camo-leopard-hybrid print mini and Rag & Bone ankle boots. That totally worked, I (no doubt mistakenly) felt like the hippest person on the planet. This time I wanted to incorporate a killer heel and initially paired the two with a leather mini. That was a mistake. My top and bottom halves were clearly attending two very different parties. So instead I toned down my pins with a pair of Juicy Couture waxed jeans and upped the upper body glam factor by way of Cadenzza statement jewellery. I then decided to really go to town on all things pink and added a GUESS shoulder bag in the kind of fluoro hue you need sunglasses to look at.

And now let’s play favourites. Casual, preppy or after dark, which fashion sweatshirt styling do you like best? Or hate most? Tell me what you really think…

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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