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Tory Burch Give Away!

tory burch

Yes, you read that right. This week I’m giving away a little something from none other than Tory Burch! And that “little something” just so happens to be an exquisite Tomino Tunic.

I probably don’t need to tell you that I’m completely obsessed with Tory Burch, both the brand and the woman herself. Tory is truly one of the smartest and most inspiring business women out there. In just a decade, she’s built a global mega brand, scooped up prestigious awards ranging from the CFDA for Accessory Designer of the Year to Forbes’s Most Powerful Women in the World and dressed fashion icons and First Lady’s alike. Tory has also somehow managed to combine this with extensive philanthropy – in 2009 she launched the Tory Burch Foundation to support the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families in the U.S – serving on the boards of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to name but a few and raising her three sons. Tory Burch is one seriously impressive lady and as for her designs… They’re so totally up my street I can barely cope. Visiting her Bond Street store the other week nearly caused me to go into total fashion meltdown over how much I wanted every single thing there. One of those things was the incredible Tomino Tunic and so I was delighted when the brand not only let me take one home, but said I could give one to you guys too!

To enter the competition ALL you need to do is these three simple steps…

1) Follow La Petite Anglaise on Facebook here and instagram here

2) Follow Tory Burch on Instagram here and twitter here

3) Answer this incredibly easy question: Where would you most like to wear this gorgeous Tory Burch kaftan? 

Email your answers to me at ella@ella-lapetiteanglaise.com or just leave them in the comments below, whatever floats your boat.

Good luck!

Love Ella. X

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La Petite Anglaise turns 4!

la petite anglaise

I cannot believe I missed my fourth bloggiversary! The last few weeks have been a non stop shooting-travelling-styling-partying bonanza and I completely forgot. I feel slightly like a parent that’s forgotten their child’s birthday. My dad forgot my brother’s once (note: not mine, I am far too much of a birthday brat for that to ever happen) and I remember how the guilt was writ large across his face. Anyway, La Petite Anglaise officially turned four on May 25th and that’s kind of blowing my mind. On the one hand, I can’t really remember a time before blogging, what on earth did I do with myself in those days!? On the other, it seems like just yesterday I was thinking about “giving this blogging thing a go” despite never actually having read one and knowing precisely nada about all things digital. If you’d told me then that I would eventually be doing it as a full time job, zooming off to international fashion weeks, working with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade NY and Mulberry, getting to know people who’s careers had long been the stuff of my wildest dreams… Well, I would have thought you were completely insane. Or at the very least, having a laugh. Blogging is such a new world and changing every day. In six months it may have totally imploded but for now, I’m having the time of my life doing something I love so much and really, that is all down to you. Without you lovely lot reading La Petite Anglaise none of the things that have happened over the past four years would have done. So while this post is a celebration of the site’s birthday, really, it’s a perfect chance for me to say the biggest THANK YOU! I truly could not be more grateful for all of your support and for sticking with me through the ups and downs and I’m sure, a number of absolutely rubbish posts along the way… Bring on the next four years!

Love Ella. X

Ps) I’ve also been meaning to ask for ages, what would you like to see more or less of on La Petite Anglaise? Outfits, parties, lifestyle, beauty… Tell me and I’ll make it happen!

Image by Holly McGlynn

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LPA Styles It: Next

It’s been a while, I know, but this time I won’t hit you with the same lame role call of excuses. The last edition of LPA Styles It may have been an absolute age ago but my favourite feature is BACK with a vengeance! Summer is here, in theory at least, and there’s no better time to hit the streets in lightweight fabrics and lashings of floral print. As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve never really worn vast amounts of Next clothes. If I’m honest, I never really gave the brand much thought. But frequently I’ve complimented blogger pals on their fabulous shoes or dress, asked them where it’s from (obvs) and their answer has been Next. So, I thought, this brand must be worth a gander and promptly set about checking out their SS14 collection. And do you know what? There are some real gems in there. Admittedly not everything was to my tastes but those that were… Well, see for yourselves!


Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_002

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_006

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_003

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_004

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_001

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_005

Umbrella print sundress, £25, click here to buy
Two part pointed shoes, £22, click here to buy
Cross body satchel, £7, click here to buy
White enamel cat eye sunglasses, £15, click here to buy

Good God I love a drop waisted dress. There’s something about the swooshy, silkiness of them that both exudes carefree nonchalance and allows for big lunches, both good traits in a frock. The second I clapped eyes on this umbrella print cutie I knew it was going to be look numero uno, I can never say no to a quirky print. You know how I feel about matchy matchy accessories so these adorable lemon suede flats and satchel of the same shade obviously had to get involved. White sunglasses and a simple gold bangle add to the pulled together feel of the outfit. Best of all, despite it’s chicness the look is genuinely very comfortable and requires basically no effort whatsoever. Perfect for holiday nights (especially if you’re a little burnt) or sweltering city days, I think I might have to recreate it for when I’m next in New York.

Stand Out

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_007

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_012

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_008

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_010

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_009

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_011

Grid shell top, £12, click here to buy
Printed midi skirt, £24, click here to buy
Black round sunglasses, £12.50, click here to buy
Shoes available in store only

Holly and I certainly turned a few heads shooting this in the middle of Bond Street on an overcast Friday morning! Never one to shy away from an in-your-face print, I fell hard for this skirt. My view on brights is very much “more is more” so I added an adorable tangerine crochet top and matching sandals. This outfit is simply made for cocktail hour, be that overlooking a white sand beach, in a five star members bar or at whatever drinking establishment happens to be nearest to wherever you are. If you’re not quite so attention seeking brave then the skirt would look stunning pared back with a crisp white shirt or cotton tee. Similarly the colour pop top is just the thing to spice up simple sandals and distressed jeans. Oversized sunglasses optional but strongly recommended.


Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_015

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_016

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_014

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_019

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_017

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_018

White crepe jacket, £38, click here to buy
Woven camisole top, £14, click here to buy
Navy umbrella flippy skirt, £22, click here to buy
Silver sandals, £42, click here to buy
Long bar clutch bag, £14, click here to buy
Polarised black square sunglasses, £15, click here to buy

Having just waxed lyrical over hot house blooms, I’m now going to do the same for delicate chinoiserie prints. Evidently, I’ve never met a pattern I didn’t like… Maybe don’t quote me on that. I’ve always felt that, as an English rose (read: glow in the dark pasty) white was not my friend but recent seasons have made me reconsider. While there’s no denying that icy hues look fantastic with a golden tan, I think it can look equally stunning on super pale skin too. Between the intricate prints and flowing fabrics, there’s something wonderfully delicate about this outfit that I think works really well paired with structured accessories for a slicker edge. Metallic footwear is E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E  this summer and these two strap sandals are perhaps the most elegant way to wear the trend. Sci Fi and Chinoiserie don’t sound like the most comfortable of sartorial bedfellows but I reckon this totally works. I would wear this for a work-to-play day, possibly with the help of an oversized tote that can be stashed in a cloakroom along with the jacket.

Feeling Fruity

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_021

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_024

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_022

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_025

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_023

Ella Catliff x Next by Holly McGlyynn May 14_026

Floral sleeveless fluted dress, £38, click here to buy
Denim Western jacket, £35, click here to buy
Polarised tortoiseshell sunglasses, £15, click here to buy
Black microsuede clutch, £15, click here to buy
Shoes available in store only

It’s really when I write this post, a week after shooting, that I realise how much I love these looks! Throw in a great pair jeans, a couple of tees and a tote and you’ve got yourself a summer capsule wardrobe. I ummed and ahhhed a bit over how to style this final frock. As someone who feels most comfortable in killer heels and is permanently – and might I add, quite happily – overdressed for everything, my initial idea was to team it with stiletto sandals and a statement necklace. Well, I kept the statement necklace but decided to give the rest a bit of an everyday spin. You see the genius of this dress is not just that it’s bright orange and covered in flowers, it’s also very versatile. Everyday appropriate with plimsolls and a denim jacket, party ready with the aforementioned accoutrements… Not sure I could have leapt quite so high if I’d gone for that option though.

And now for the moment of truth… Which outfit do you like the most? I know I always say it, but I’m really torn. Currently leaning towards either look one or two.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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Spring nights with Kate Spade NY & Roger Vivier

Kate Spade New York Tropical Fete

Why go to one fabulous party when you could go to two? Words to live by I feel. You’ve no doubt spied my previous posts on the Kate Spade New York Chelsea Flower show tea (slash cocktail) party, it’s become something of a stalwart signal that Spring is here for me and no doubt many others. That’s where my evening kicked off last Thursday.

Kate Spade New York Tropical Fete

Lilah Parsons, Deborah Lloyd & Martha Ward 

Kate Spade New York Tropical Fete

Me & Martha 

Decked out in a shimmering Kate Spade NY dress so darned pretty I was sorely tempted to pretend it got “lost” and could therefore not be returned to its rightful owners, I sped over to Chelsea where rain had not stopped play and the flower show was in full bloom. The Chelsea Flower show is always a sight to behold and fash brands with stores in the area tend to pull out all the stops. Kate Spade NY’s is always seriously good but this year they truly outdid themselves with a tropical display involving toucans and hot house beauties, winning them a well deserved “Best Floral Display” award. Inside, the place was packed with brightly dressed guests and things were showing no signs of finishing up at the designated hour. I grabbed a quick glass of champagne and a delectable rainforest cupcake and set about catching up with Co-Host Martha Ward. Despite how head over heels I was for my own frock, her print trousers and frilled fuchsia top gave me major wardrobe envy, this woman always has the best clothes. Evidently a stellar bunch had turned out to toast my beloved stateside export and I had a good old mingle with the likes of Antonia O’Brian, Lilah Parsons and Amber Atherton, as well as Kate Spade NY’s Creative Director and President, Deborah Lloyd who’s career, talent and life in general I’m permanently in awe of. All too soon, it was time to say my goodbyes and I scooped up Millie for a quick Itsu pit stop before heading on to party number two.

Roger Vivier Summer party at Loulou's on May 22, 2014 at 5 Hertford Street, London, England

Me sans coat, carrying Roger Vivier’s Miss Viv bag… I’m OBSESSED!

While I was a little sad to be leaving Kate Spade NY’s tropicana paradise, I wasn’t sad for long as our next port of call was an event I won’t be forgetting any time soon. In celebration of the beginning of Summer (allegedly) and their adorable Miss Viv collection, Roger Vivier had decided to host an almost unbelievably stylish soirée at the chicest and – trying not to sound like an arse here but I know I will anyway – most exclusive club in Mayfair, LouLou’s.

Roger Vivier Summer party at Loulou's on May 22, 2014 at 5 Hertford Street, London, England

Me & Ines de la Fressange

Inevitably there were about fifty other fash bashes going on in London that night but this, this was the place to be. Jungle fever was clearly not restricted to Sloane Square that evening as it was the theme of the night for Vivier too. LouLou’s had been bedecked in oversized foliage, lifesized giraffes and other decorations that made a lover of all things novelty like myself very happy indeed. The guest list was, of course, insane and a brilliant combination of fabulous people I wanted to ogle, and fabulous people I actually new and genuinely liked. We’re talking Caroline Sieber (former category, I won’t lie), Caroline Issa, Olivia Inge, Bip Ling, Paula Goldstein, Petra Palumbo, Otis Ferry, Kim Hersov, Tiphane de Lussy, Patrick Grant, Pippa Vosper, David Downton, Katie Hillier, Jazzy de Lisser… I could go on.

Roger Vivier Summer party at Loulou's on May 22, 2014 at 5 Hertford Street, London, England

Roger Vivier Creative Director Bruno Frisoni & Ines de la Fressange

Roger Vivier Summer Party At Loulou's

Paula Goldstein

Roger Vivier Summer party at Loulou's on May 22, 2014 at 5 Hertford Street, London, England

Otis Ferry & Josephine de la Baume

Caroline Sieber

Caroline Sieber

Roger Vivier Summer Party At Loulou's

Caroline Issa (wearing THE BEST COAT EVER)

Roger Vivier Summer Party At Loulou's

Gala Gordon, Clara Paget & Jazzy de Lisser

Roger Vivier Summer party at Loulou's on May 22, 2014 at 5 Hertford Street, London, England

Me & Pippa Vosper

We drank, we danced to Josephine de la Baume, we mingled so hard we almost injured ourselves. I also got to meet and chat with Roger Vivier muse, ambassador and creative force, the ever elegant Inès de la Fressange. Inès is an icon, an inspiration and an incredibly intelligent, not to mention stylish woman and, I’ll be honest, I was slightly daunted but utterly determined to say hello. Of course, she was charm personified and chatting with her was the cherry on the top of a truly wonderful evening.

Love Ella. X

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Look Du Jour: White & Blue

tods gomminos white & blue

What: Tod’s Gommino loafers (c/o), Tommy Hilfiger jeans (c/o), J.Crew sweater, Kate Spade NY sunglasses (c/o), French Connection shirt & Hobbs clutch (c/o)

Where: Meetings in London

There are certain classic items so perennially chic we spend half, if not all, of our lives wanting them in our wardrobes. I’m not talking “it” hits like Christoper Kanes flower print sweatshirt or Prada’s bejewelled sports bras. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still sell the family dog to get my hands on those puppies (pun definitely intended), but by next season I’ll have all but forgotten their allure. The pieces I’m talking about are those we crave season after season, year after year, decade after decade. Garments our grandmother’s may have once owned but remain every bit as obsession inducing today. Tod’s Gommino loafers are undoubtedly one such item. The legendary loafers may have their roots in the brand’s 1950s driving shoes but some six and a half decades – and many additional colourways – later, they are still the epitome of form meeting functioning in an achingly elegant package. I’ve coveted a pair for as long as I can remember and when it came to finally choosing some Gomminos of my own, I spent literally hours trying on every single shade and finish in a state of total over excitement. Styling them up wasn’t exactly difficult, these beauties go with everything. In the end I decided to take the white and blue palette and run with it, adding my current fave striped skinnies from Tommy Hilfiger. It only seemed fitting to pair this with a buttoned up shirt and shoulder slung sweater. Italiano elegance meets East Coast prep, or at least that’s what I’m calling it.

tods gommino

tods gommino

tods gommino

tods gommino white & blue

tods gommino

tods gommino white & blue

tods gommino

tods gommino

tods gommino

What classic pieces have you coveted forever? If you’re anything like me, it’s a pretty long list…

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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