BMW i3 Launch Party

BMW i3

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been considering a self imposed party hiatus. Much as I love getting glammed up and sipping champagne in fabulous company, I lack the maturity to do the whole meet-and-greet-then-leave thing and perma exhaustion isn’t really conducive to a productive day’s work… Plus, I’ve also got seriously in to Game of Thrones. But then an invitation arrives that makes the idea of swapping evenings out on the town for watching the saga of the Seven Kingdoms unfold infinitely less tempting. One such invitation was the launch of the new BMW i3 which would be unveiled by none other than Sienna Miller and James Franco. With A-Listers, fashion friends and a LOT of fun guaranteed, there was no way I’d miss that one!

BMW i3

After rather embarrassingly turning up at completely the wrong place I finally made it to the right one and my jaw hit the floor when I saw the venue. A vast warehouse esque space overlooking the Thames, Old Billingsgate Market is always impressive but BMW had pulled out all the stops to create something spectacular. A long red carpet flanked by film crews (I gave several, no doubt unintelligible interviews that I seriously hope never see the light of day!) led up to a giant logo board surrounded by paparazzi. Once we’d navigated the fray and made it inside it was time to be gobsmacked all over again.

BMW i3

Donna Air

BMW i3

Laura Bailey

BMW i3

Oliver Cheshire

BMW i3

Laura Whitmore

The space was sleek, luxe and packed fit to burst with beautiful people… In other words, BMW all over. Having managed to find Nik Thakkar (who, I might add, was the person who gave me the wrong address!), and grabbed a glass of wine it was time to get mingling. There was certainly no lack of mingling, people watching and outfit ogling opportunities as everyone from Poppy Delevigne, Donna Air and Laura Bailey to Grace Woodward, Peaches Geldof and the lovely Laura Whitmore were in attendance. Many of my fellow attendees had also been at last week’s Johnnie Walker bash so I indulged in a spot of yacht reminiscing and whisky hangover bemoaning with PPQ designers, Amy Molyneux and Percy Parker. As darkness fell the lights went up and everyone headed stampeded to the stage to see Sienna Miller enter in an A-MAZING Dolce & Gabbanna frock closely followed by James Franco looking extremely dapper in Gucci. For some time I’d been wondering what the large, shiny sheet covered object they were now standing beside was and suddenly the penny dropped, just in time for James to whip off the cover and reveal the BMW i3 in all it’s super shiny glory. Having failed my test on an epic level and not reattempted, I don’t drive, but if I did I wouldn’t mind cruising around in that bad boy!

BMW i3

BMW i3 Global Reveal, Old Billingsgate Market, London, UK

Once we’d all had a good gawp (at the car and obviously Sienna and James too) it was time to crack on with the rest of the night, the party. Queue more mingling, drinking, laughing and general joie de vivre while Amber Le Bon took to the decks and I dragged several unwilling friends onto the dancefloor. A Monday evening well spend all in all!

Love Ella. X

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