Boots, Boots, Boots

over the knee boots

A couple of posts ago I posed the question “you know what’s great about winter?” and then swiftly answered it with a one word wonder: “coats!’… Obviously I don’t think outerwear is the seasons’ only attribute and did go on to mention a few others. However I missed out a crucially important one, namely, boots which I suspect you’ve probably gathered are the subject of this post. Yeah, perhaps not the most inspired post title but let’s move swiftly on and talk footwear…

The OTT OTK Boots

Russell and Bromley Hi Lite Over The Knee Boots, £345, available here


I warned you that these boots were going to be featuring a lot on La Petite Anglaise and I really wasn’t exaggerating! This is three posts in a row now… But can you blame me? As I waaaaaay more than just mentioned in my last Look Du Jour, there is something about over the knee boots that gives you instant confidence and sass for days, if not weeks! I’ve always been of the opinion that if you’re going to do something then why not really go for it, and have no problem with rocking slightly attention seeking clothing so OTT OTK boots in super bright red suede were a no brainer. However these Russell and Bromley beauties do come in burgundy, black and grey too for less attention seeking dressers FYI.

The Patent Leather Ankle Boot Update


Carvela Kurt Geiger Strudel Patent Leather Ankle Boots, £, available here

Patent leather ankle boots are an essential component of anyone’s wardrobe, fact. This is especially true if you live somewhere like London where it rains all the bloody time. But even the most timeless of style staples can do with an update from time to time. And we can all do without guilt over buying the exact same (in this case) black PLABs again… Cue, burgundy patent leather ankle boots. They are infinitely more interesting than the traditional noir version yet also equally versatile / wearable with minimum 70% of everything else you own… How could that not be a brilliant idea?!

The Velvet Boots


Russell and Bromley Roxanne Block Heel Bootie, £295, available here

Ok, so there are a LOT of velvet boots around this season and in the name of research I’ve browsed, ogled, added-to-cart-ed and tried on plenty of them. But if I learnt one thing through that gruelling journalistic process it’s these beauties boast a virtually unparalleled level of slobber inducing awesome. I mean, we’re talking velvet, tapestry prints, multicolour mash up, block heel and point toe all wrapped up in one ankle boot of glory. I’ve been wearing them non stop for about four days right now so can also confirm that they are extremely comfortable, bonus!

The Metallic Boots


ASOS Estella Metallic Ankle Boots, reduced to £30, available here

Ahhhh boots are so brilliant! They truly nail the sartorial holy grail of being simultaneously jaw flooringly covetable and genuinely practical. Ok, some less so than others… red suede OTK boots I’m talking to you, but that applies to any suede anything really. These shiny ASOS stunners on the other hand won’t leave you palpitating at the slightest sign of rain or run the risk of suffering sweaty knees at room temperature. I love their sleek sixties vibe and they look BOMB with leather trousers, which I’m a fan of, as discussed at length throughout my coats, coats, coats post.

Sooooo what do you think of these boots? I feel like they are all essential components of a full boot wardrobe… That’s a legitimate thing, trust.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn