Christmas Gift List 2012

christmas gift list

As you’ve probably realished by now, I love love LOVE getting presents. Whether they’re from friends and family in honour of a special occasion or of the me-to-me variety, few joys top the thrill of acquiring that chic little something you’ve been eyeing up for ages. But of course Christmas isn’t all about writing wish lists and receiving gifts, enjoyable though those pursuits may be. And in some ways the warm fuzzy feeling you get from buying a loved one something you know they’ll adore is every bit as wonderful as tearing open the wrapping paper yourself… Well, almost. December 25th may now be just around the corner but if you’re anything like me, you’ve no doubt been far too busy indulging in festive merriment to get your shopping done and still have a fair few gifts left to buy. Well fear not because thanks to the wonders of next-day-delivery it’s never too late to pick the perfect present… Now that’s what I call a Christmas miracle!

For Him…

Most men are tricky to buy for, fact. Whether it’s a fashion-phobic boyfriend, PlayStation obsessed brother or a father who doesn’t understand the value of a Mulberry iPhone case, personal experience has taught me to ignore whatever foolish gadget or practical item they ask for. Shop for the man you want them to be, not the man they are.

christmas gift list

1) YMC Sherwood Crew Neck Jumper, £225, click here to buy
2) Comme Des Garcons Leather Pouch, £79, click here to buy
3) Essl Austrian Rucksack, £56.40, click here to buy
4) Paul Smith Multi-Stripe Socks, £18, click here to buy
5) Maison Kitsuné Flannel Cotton Tartan Shirt, £245, click here to buy
6) Mulberry Leather Gloves, £165, click here to buy
7) Brera Militare Black Dial Watch, £750, click here to buy
8) Turnball & Asser Paisley Print Tie, £85, click here to buy
9) Jil Sander Dinosaur Scarf, £307.62, click here to buy

For Her…

In theory, shopping for your BFF, Sister or Mother should be a walk in the park. In practice, it’s a little more complicated. As a general rule I avoid buying any form of clothing where fit will be and issue. Too big and they’ll think you think they’re fat. Too small and they’ll feel fat and blame you. Most importantly of all remember the golden rule: if in doubt get something YOU love therefore if the ungrateful so-and-so doesn’t appreciate it you can just keep it for yourself!

christmas gift list for her

1) Tibi Lobster Intarsia Knit Sweater, £328, click here to buy
2) Anya Hindmarch Heart Leather Joss Wallet, £275, click here to buy
3) The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited by Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld, £65, click here to buy
4) Comme Des Garcons Leather iPad  Case, £290, click here to buy
5) Smythson “Inspirations And Ideas” Textured Leather Notepad, £45, click here to buy
6) Whistles Cloudia Cashmere Scarf, £110, click here to buy
7) Mulberry Apple Leather Key Fob, £70, click here to buy
8) Anne Bowes Jewellery Vintage Gold Flower Necklace, £160, click here to buy
9) Suki Cheema Purple Russian Doll Cushion, £95, click here to buy

Love Ella. X

2 Thoughts on Christmas Gift List 2012

  1. Brittney says:

    I’ve never wanted a lobster sweater before now, but it’s just so cute! Great list:)


  2. Evgenia says:

    It’s always nice to see your gift/occasion lists pop up in the newsfeed; I can always be sure to stumble upon something I’ve never seen before, but immediately want.

    I couldn’t agree more about the inclusion of Smythson notepad – it is hard to meet someone who wouldn’t be seduced by their stationary. Even my techie friends love a notepad or two. My personal obsession started with the red one, “Wild at Heart”, and given the Smythson tendency to come up with great pieces every single season, this interest won’t fade.

    Thank you for a great Christmas selection!

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