Day to Night Beauty with Bourjois

Bourjois Beauty, La Petite Anglaise, Ella Catliff

“Day to night beauty” has to be up there with “wardrobe staples” in terms of big fat fashion cliches. But, like many big fat fashion cliches, it is an actual thing and a bloody useful one sometimes too. After all, who the hell has the time or can remotely be bothered to take off all their makeup and start over come sunset? Not me, that’s for sure! Thankfully with a little help from Bourjois I didn’t have to…

Bourjois Beauty, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

That said, I was evidently going all out on our final day in Bucharest because I actually put on eye shadow before venturing out in the afternoon. Yes, really. A lovely lilac shimmering shade from Bourjois Paris’ Palette Les Nudes to be precise. It just so happened to match my Temperley London dress perfectly and took all of two seconds to apply. Not that I’m going to go into the application process in this post. Through my previous experiments blogging about beauty, I’ve come to the conclusion that absolutely no one needs me explaining how to haphazardly whack on makeup using a combination of fingers and random tools that came free in various different palettes or happened to be knocking around somewhere in the bathroom. Instead I’m just going to show you the products I used to update my beauty look between the outfits I wore that afternoon and evening so if you fancy it, you can recreate my day to night beauty look much more professionally than I’m capable of.

Bourjois Beauty, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

Bourjois Beauty, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

When I finally dragged my horribly hungover self out of bed, it became instantly apparent that more than lip balm and a careless flick of mascara would be needed to look even vaguely presentable. Bourjois’ Blur The Lines Concealer and Sculpt Light Strobing Highlighter managed to just about stop my face looking like a squishy, gone off tomato. Then it was time to broach my squinty, light sensitive eyes… Damn you tequila!! DAMN YOU!! Thankfully their Volume Glamour Push Up Black Serum Mascara is capable of making even the most puffy of peepers appear human. Last but not least, the aforementioned eyeshadow. All in all, it was a five minute or less job which I think/ hope hid just about disguised the fact that Holly and I had been behaving like true Brits abroad in a bar called “Sinners” until the wee hours.

Bourjois Beauty, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

As might remember from my Bucharest travel diaries, we were off for a smart dinner on our final night. I had dressed soirée appropriately in yet another gorgeous dress by Temperley so adding a bit of extra glam to my makeup look seemed fitting. Provided it didn’t involve too much effort that is, because when it comes to beauty I’m lazy. Eye wise I hit up my Bourjois Palette Les Nudes once again to reapply the afternoon’s lilac hue and add in a darker greyish purple. The only other additions I made there were a slick of Slim Liner Feutre and a bit more mascara… See I told you, lazy.

Bourjois Beauty, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

Bourjois Beauty, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

Final touches consisted of Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Heures Lipstick in “Red-outable” and La Laque Gel Nail Polish. I won’t pretend either were masterfully applied but still seem to have still done the trick! Sorry that my nails are so grim, I’m not going to make it a New Year’s Resolution (because I’m all about Fasholutions, you know that) but I might try to stop gnawing on them all the time.

Bourjois Beauty, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise

I cannot recommend any of these Bourjois products enough! Finding makeup that is fantastic quality, beautifully packaged and super simple to use but also actually affordable is an absolute revelation, I suspect you’ll agree… Especially if you too love luxurious stuff but have a tendency to misplace mascaras constantly.

What do you think of my day-to-night beauty look?

Love Ella X

Images by Holly McGlynn
Location InterContinental Bucharest

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