Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2013


In the infamous words of Patrique, the bearded star of Sh*t Fashion Girls Say, ‘is it resortwear time already?’ Well yes boys and girls, it most certainly is. Now, resort is an ever-so-slightly misleading season. Originally it was intended to clothe the rich and fabulous as they made for sunnier climbs during the winter months. Even now you need a pretty healthy bank balance to get your hands on most of the collections, or at least the really lovely ones, but the overall aesthetic tends to be more ‘pre Spring’ than literally ‘resortwear’ if you get my drift. As with pre fall or indeed any sartorial season, there’s no way in hell I could write about all the collections on offer so instead I’ve picked my favourites, starting with the one and only Diane Von Furstenberg.

Diane Von Furstenburg Resort 2013

Diane Von Furstenburg Resort 2013

Inspired by the idea of journeying through America, Diane Von Furstenberg and Creative Director Yvan Mispelaere concocted a cacophony of prints, based on the destinations visited during their imaginary road trip. Since way back when, Diane Von Furstenberg has been renowned for her use of pattern but for me, it was the ingenious colour combinations in DVF’s latest collection that really stole the show. Everything from clashing brights and eye-popping neons to monochrome shades and darker, sultry hues came in to play, thrown together with dizzy-making prints to mesmerizing effect. The second I clapped eyes on Diane Von Furstenberg’s latest offerings I have to say, it was love at first sight. It offers up wearable elegance with a healthy dose of fun, and super cute heart detail clutches to match. Over forty years on from penning her first designs, Diane still knows where it’s at.

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