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So the second EVER London Collections: Men (that’s menswear fashion week) kicked off on Monday and what better way to toast its arrival than with a back-to-back double party bonanza?! Destination number one was Soho House’s super chic Mayfair outpost, The Little House where Brit heritage brand Duchamp were hosting an intimate drinks reception.



Besides my New Year’s Fasholutions, I also vowed to be a little more frugal in 2013. Suffice to say, my resolve lasted all of half an hour and despite renewing my vow this weekend I found myself taking a cab to the party… I then also splurged on a fur trimmed coat at Sandro the next day but that my friends, is another story. There are few things better than arriving at an event to be immediately greeted by some of your favourite people. That was precisely the case at the Duchamp do and it made for a fantastic, if perhaps slightly excessive, evening. As venues go I have to say that Little House is a fab one, just roomy enough to stop things feeling cramped but cosy in an old fashioned luxe way with antique velvet sofas to lounge on, cosy alcoves to catch up in and a magnificent mahogany bar which naturally I made a beeline for. Funnily enough, Duchamp were serving Old Fashioneds (lethally strong cocktail involving whisky and bitters) that evening and someone told me that this particular drink doesn’t give you a hangover. They were definitely wrong on that account as proved by my throbbing temples the next morning and I will be avoiding this particular cocktail in future.




As you know, I’m a sucker for a British heritage brand and Duchamp is precisely that. Their exquisitely tailored suits were artfully displayed around the party and having taken a brief break from mingling to check them out I can confirm that their latest offerings are absolutely gorgeous. We also all received a fab pair of socks and silk pocket square in our goodie bags so that’s the boyfriend’s birthday present sorted! Besides my usual party pals guests also included foxy TV presenter Rick Edwards (had SUCH a crush on him during his T4 days), Esquire Magazine Fashion Director Catherine Hayward and GQ Editor Dylan Jones and British Fashion Council Chief Exec Caroline Rush. All in all it was a damn good party but as per usual, the night was still very much a babe when we left.

Love Ella. X


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