England V France: Style Showdown on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

If I learnt anything during the two months I spent working in the Paris it is this; everything you’ve heard about the French is true. They devour red wine and cheese like there’s no tomorrow (how French women stay so svelte is still a mystery to me). They’re capable of making you feel hideously gauche with little more than a meaningful look. They smoke like chimneys. But most of all they are impossibly and effortlessly chic. Since the dawn of time there’s always been a healthy rivalry between us Brits and our French contemporaries. But with The Hundred Years War well behind us, said rivalry is now of the sartorial persuasion. So it stands to reason that when London’s fashion elite headed to Paris in celebration of the new Burberry flagship store, a full on English V French fashion showdown ensued. Well, having not been able to attend the event myself (damn full time education) I can only assume that this was the case. And even if (more likely) it wasn’t, adding bit of drama into the mix just makes everything more entertaining.


Paris may be the home of Haute Couture but having spawned the likes of Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Saunders and of course, Burberry’s own Christopher Bailey, London can certainly hold it’s own in the style stakes. And who better to fly our fashion flag abroad than Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Cara Delevigne who descended on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré adorned in Burberry’s new season finest.

Team GB

From left: Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Cara Delevigne and Alexa Chung all wearing Burberry

In any other company, these Brit beauties would have sent the competition running for the hills but unsurprisingly French fashionista’s don’t scare so easily. Lou Lesage, Ludivine Sagnier, Lou Doillon and Audrey Marney gave their Burberry ensembles an elegant, Parisian twist and made for a fash-off to remember.

Les Parisiennes…

From left: Melanie Laurent, Audrey Marney and Lou Lesage also all wearing Burberry

You’ve heard the news, you’ve seen the snaps and only one question remains. Who wore it better, the English or the French? This time YOU decide…

Love Ella. X

5 Thoughts on England V France: Style Showdown on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

  1. La Petite Anglaise says:

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  2. La Petite Anglaise says:

    I totally agree about Audrey Marney's dress, and the fact that French women all seem to posess a natural chicness. So unfair. Overall I think I'd probably side with team GB too. Thanks for the lovely comments! xxx

  3. Tara India says:

    I'm going for the GB girls overall, but I LOVE Audrey Marney's dress! xox


  4. vanda says:

    I prefer the French team…..LOVE the Audrey Marney's dress in that amazing green!!!

    I found you on LB,you look like Alexa Chung! You are so beautiful!

  5. Eloise18 says:

    In all honesty I prefer 'team GB' especially Cara Delevigne…is that really Alexa Chung? She seems to suddenly look…different, same hair, just different.
    I am generally jealous of the French for being able to go to an event dressed like Mrney (black knee high boots) and look amazingly stylish, I feel like a Brit would look somewhat tatty?
    I miss Rue du Faubourg. I am generally walking down it late at night having missed the last metro but the window displays are enough (oddly a French place with few shutters). In Paris in April, very excited! x

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