New Year’s Fasholutions 2014

It’s that time of year again people… time for my New Year’s Fasholutions! I imagine that many of you were probably in the same boat as me yesterday morning. That is, hideously hungover, curled up in the foetal position watching The Hills/Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Insert-brainless-TV-show-of-choice-here, swearing that you’d never touch tequila again. In light of said over indulgence you might be tempted to make an array of impossible to keep resolutions. Well my friends, listen up. Browsing and Matches in order to make fasholutions is a far better way to procrastinate away your first work day let me tell you. Or perhaps you’re one of those super sensible people who toasted the New Year with a kale smoothie and have already done two hours of yoga this morning in which case traditional resolutions (i.e. stop smoking and eating Nutella straight out of the jar, start going to the gym) are redundant anyway. In previous years I’ve claimed that fasholutions are more likely to be kept than resolutions. This has not proved to be particularly true… yet. So without further ado, here are the solemn sartorial vows I’m making for 2014…

New Years 23.1 Phillip Lim Souvenir Trim Twill Embellished Bomber Jacket, £1,160 V REDValentino Scallop Trim Coat, £399

1) Dress my age more often. I know, I know I make a similar fasholution every year. But now, at the grand old age of 22, it’s probably time I occasionally began branching out into adult clothes. That is, young adult clothes. When I experimented with age appropriate clothing over 2013 (i.e. suitable for 22 year old working in fashion, not nursery school student or middle aged dowager) it’s been well received so expect more in future. I predict this resolution will last until I encounter anything by REDValentino.

make up

From left: MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick, £15, bareMinerals Ready Eye Shadow Duo, £19 & Butter London Artful Dodger Nail Polish, £12

2) Master make up. Or more accurately, stop being quite so useless and lazy at makeup. Remember my bareMinerals how to video? I promised I’d actually do the white hot smoky thing and never bloody did. But all that’s about to change. There are only so many times a girl can rock a single slick of black liquid eye liner before it gets seriously boring. Prepare yourself for Drag Queen Ella people…


3) Stop guzzling Starbucks take away lattes on the go. Boring I know and admittedly not a “fasholution” per se but the number of coffee stains afflicting my wardrobe is grows by the day and last year’s dry cleaning expenditure was ridiculous.

new year's

From left: Topshop Balconette Bra and Low Rise Ladypants,£ 26 & L’Agence by L’Agent Provocateur Rosalyn Flocked Tulle Bra, £45 & Briefs, £26

4) Wear better underwear, preferably matching sets in luxe fabrics. After all, it seems a damn shame to wear fancy threads over mangy old M&S granny pants.


From left: Smythson Panama Collection Passport Cover, £115 & Large Slim Purse, £250

5) Invest in matching, monogrammed Smythson accessories. Yes, this may mean I won’t be able to pay my phone bill or eat anything other than instant noodles for about six months but oh, how GLAM I shall feel!

New Year's

From left: Sophia Webster Leilou stripe leather, suede and canvas sandals, £430 & Penelope glitter heel pumps reduced from £450 to £225

6) Stop destroying shoes. During 2013 I acquired a few truly fabulous pants pairs so I must stop doing what I always do. That is, wearing the ones I love morning, noon and night in all weather conditions and for inappropriate occasions (i.e. hideous club with sticky floor or Christmas in the countryside) so they fall apart, taking a little piece of my heart with them.

New Year's

From left: Heidi Klein Saint Maxime Bikini, £180, Mara Hoffman Printed Voile Playsuit £150, Prism Capri Sunglasses £265 & Orlebar Brown Bichon Cotton Terry Shorts, £95

7) Get my head around “holiday dressing.” Confession time, my holiday wardrobe consists mainly of floral bits and bobs I owned aged 18 and city pieces playing at being casual with the addition of sandals and unstructured accessories. This summer I intend to H-O-L-I-D-A-Y big time armed with a suitcase of bikini cover ups that aren’t actually just old tank tops.

new year's

From left: Topshop Oriental Floral Cigarette Pants, £38, J.Crew Collection Cafe Silk Jacquard Capri Pants, £200, Whistles Camo Jacquard Trousers reduced to £85 & Sophie Hulme Tailored Wool Trousers, £350

8) More trousers for evening. I’m a long term skirt aficionado and still struggle to force myself into a pair of party pants. Whenever I do manage it, I feel like the slickest, sexiest most badass person in the room (evidently great trousers can cause even greater levels of delusion) so during 2014, I’ll be doing a whole lot more of it.

What fasholutions will YOU be making this year?

Love Ella. X

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La Petite Anglaise 2013: Part III

Third and final instalment of La Petite Anglaise 2013 coming up my friends! Despite the increasingly sodden state of London and hefty uni final year workload, I’ve evidently still managed to have a pretty darned good time.

New York Fashion Week SS14

La Petite Anglaise

La Petite Anglaise Phillip Lim

La Petite Anglaise NYFW

New York Fashion Week

La Petite Anglaise

Oh New York, New York. Could I adore you any more? That’s perhaps a pointless question as I fall deeper in love with the city that never sleeps every time I visit. My friends and family can confirm this as I inevitably recount tales of my time there endlessly upon returning to Blighty until eventually they get bored enough to threaten violence if I don’t shut the hell up about my stateside adventures. I have to say, this season was particularly excellent. After spending a blissful couple of days catching up with friends and exploring the stores, fashion week itself kicked off with a wild night of parties involving rappers, cocktails and cruising around town in a ginormous SUV. The following seven days and nights were a beautiful blur of gobsmacking collections – Thakoon I’m talking to YOU – and parties involving supermodels, funfairs and Phillip Lim all the while debating the preppy V cool conundrum as I raced around my favourite (sorry London) place on Earth.

London Fashion Week SS14

La Petite Anglaise LFW

Ella Catliff London Fashion Week

La Petite Anglaise Burberry

London Fashion Week La Petite Anglaise

I considered lumping New York, London and Paris together under the heading “fashion month” but so many fabulous things occurred during each that would be to do them all a disservice. Despite my borderline pitiful obsession with NYC, London is and always will be my home and it’s fashion week the first I was lucky enough to attend a whopping seven seasons ago. As such, I always feel a combination of excitement, contentment and pride as the world’s fashion elite descend and our homegrown design stars wow their stilettos (or in the case of many an Editor this season, sleek n’ chic flats) off. I have to say, this season London nailed it. Admittedly I probably enjoy fashion week more than most regardless of weather and wardrobe malfunctions but between Christopher Kane’s alternative take on plant biology, Mary Katrantzou’s homage to footwear fetishists, Burberry’s sugar sweet English roses and Meadham Kirchoff’s folklore meets boudoir subversion, SS14 was sublime. And then, of course, there were the parties. On night one I dined with Serena, Bip Ling, Daphne Guinness, Tallulah Harlech, Sasha Wilkins and countless other major fash names at the M.A.C x Miles Aldridge dinner at Somerset House. The rest of the week’s evening (to early-the-next-morn) engagements involved David Beckham getting cosy with Anna Wintour, near miss ankle breaking and scoffing Pizza with Nicola Formichetti at The Serpentine. In a word, it was awesome.

Paris Fashion Week SS14

La Petite Anglaise Paris Fashion Week

Kenzo La Petite Anglaise

La Petite Anglaise Louis Vuitton

As you probably remember, God knows I banged on about it enough, October 2013 included my first EVER Paris Fashion Week! Not to discredit New York or London, which are both utterly fantastic in their unique ways, but Paris is another level. It’s exactly what every sartorially obsessed little girl or boy dreams fashion week would be. Spectacle, drama, stunning FROWS and oh those clothes! Having kicked off September with the burning urge to swap London for New York, then changed my mind once back on home turf among, arriving in Paris instantly had me wishing I was a Parisienne. Highlights of those four fantastic days have to include the Kenzo and Chloe shows (indoor waterfall and old school house takeover, respectively), Kenzo after party in an aquarium, exquisite Valentino collection and last, but most most MOST certainly not least, Louis Vuitton. It was both humbling and utterly incredible to attend Marc Jacobs’ final show for the Maison I so adore. Despite being allergic to clutter, the invitation addressed to “Mademoiselle Ella” retains pride of place on my dressing table.

Grazia x Apple Fashion Blogging Masterclass

La Petite Anglaise

Sorry that’s a helluva lotta words already but from now on I’ll keep things succinct. Or at least I’ll try to but, well, you know me. In November I was truly honoured when Grazia Magazine asked me to give a fashion blogging masterclass at the Regents Street Apple Store with mega bloggers (and good friends of mine) Emily Johnstone of Fashion Foie Gras and Ella Gregory of Coco’s Tea Party. Unsurprisingly, I was extremely nervous beforehand but it all seemed to go ok. At least I hope so. You can watch or even download the podcast on iTunes here.

Louis Vuitton Cruise Icons Shoot

La Petite Anglaise Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton La Petite Anglaise

There is definitely no need for me to profess my feelings for Louis Vuitton YET AGAIN but suffice to say, when they approached me to do another collab in November I didn’t need to be asked twice. This time the project was in celebration of their mind boggling Selfridges Townhouse. See the shoot on La Petite Anglaise here, Grazia Daily here and read all about the fabulous townhouse launch here.

InStyle Magazine “20 To Watch For 2014″

La Petite Anglaise InStyle Magazine

Being featured in Miss Vogue and Company Magazine last year was so exciting I still can’t believe it happened. However, I did at least know it was happening several months before it did so had time to vaguely compose myself. InStyle’s “20 To Watch For 2014″ piece on the other hand, was completely and utterly unexpected. The idea that anyone would include me amongst a coterie of inspiring individuals including Author of The Luminaries and youngest ever winner of the Man Booker Prize, Eleanor Catton, Lorde, Imogen Poots and Jack Reynor still blows my tiny mind. If ever I were to use the maddening-beyond-belief hashtag #blessed, this would have been the moment.

British Fashion Awards 2013

La Petite Anglaise British Fashion Awards

Ella Catliff La Petite Anglaise

My final 2013 blogging highlight has to be the 25th annual British Fashion Awards to which I wore a divine frock by Matthew Williamson. Admittedly, there were a fair few fun times had between then and now but I fear those of you who’ve persevered up to this point may be losing the will to live. So without further ago, click here for all the juicy juicy details.

Once again, I have to thank you, my lovely and incredibly tolerant readers for sticking with La Petite Anglaise. Bring on 2014!

Love Ella. X

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La Petite Anglaise 2013: Part II

Picking up where we left off sometime in early June 2013, our sartorial stroll down La Petite Anglaise memory lane continues. I distinctly remember thinking, aged 16 that no Summer could ever be better than the two post GCSE months I spent drinking alcopops, lathering myself in fake tan and enduring people singing Rhianna’s smash hit Umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh, eh) at me at teenage parties while long suffering parents unsuccessfully attempted to exercise some degree of control. Oh how little did I know! Not only had I yet to realise that Bacardi Breezer’s are grim beyond belief and orange streaks are not a good look, but I could never have imagined the levels of off the chart awesome that was Summer 2013.

Ibiza with River Island

La Petite Anglaise Ibiza

La Petite Anglaise Ibiza

Ibiza La Petite Anglaise

As regular La Petite Anglaise readers may remember, London Collections Men SS14 was something of a disaster thanks to being struck down with “acute ulcerative pharyngitis” (basically enormous and incredibly painful mouth ulcers) which left me unable to get out of bed at all for several days. Given that I usually struggle to sit through a film being stationary, nay horizontal, for such an extended period of time was proof that I really wasn’t well at all. Sad though I was to miss the second two days of shows and parties, I was infinitely more worried that I might end up missing the River Island Ibiza trip if, as my Doctor suggested, it would take at least a fortnight to recover. By some miracle (i.e. very strong antibiotics) I bounced back in time to join my fellow fashion travellers for three glorious days of sun, fun and extreme over indulgence. We’re talking burlesque performances over dinner, galavanting over to Formentera on our own private boat and getting seriously pampered at the most divine spa. The only thing I’d change about the experience would be to have put on some suncream, I returned to rainy London looking like a lobster.

Karl in Paris

La Petite Anglaise Karl Lagerfeld

Two words: Karl Lagerfeld. In Paris, I mean, where else? This particular petit excursion was not a “work trip” per se. In fact, it was a jolly girls weekend with some of my female family members that just so happened to coincide with menswear fashion week. I genuinely didn’t plan it that way, promise. Anyway, as I was in town at the exact same time it seemed foolish not to hit up some of the parties. On the first night, my friend Michael and I were sipping champagne at an intimate gathering hosted by Moynat & Port Magazine and who should walk in but Monsieur Lagerfeld! Sacrebleu!

La Petite Anglaise x Louis Vuitton

Ella Catliff La Petite Anglaise


July was certainly a busy month! No sooner was I back from The City Of Light than it was time for another adventure. This time travel was not involved, unless you count the careering around London necessary to shoot at five different locations in little more than five hours. My bordering-on-obsessive adoration for Louis Vuitton is far from a secret so when they approached me to do a shoot for the launch of their Selfridges Shoe Boutique I slightly suspected I was imagining it. See the full feature here.

Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards 2013

Ella Catliff Fashion Blogger

After wrapping the Louis Vuitton shoot, the excitement of that fateful July day was far from over. This year I was honoured and frankly, a little shocked, to be one of five nominees for “Fashion Blogger of the Year” in the first ever Fashion Monitor Journalism awards and the ceremony was that very night! The lovely folk at Louis Vuitton offered to dress me for the occasion and wearing the SS13 collection top-to-toe was nothing short of dreamy. Find out who won what and more goss from the ceremony on La Petite Anglaise here.

24 Hours in Berlin with Timberland



Ella Catliff Berlin

Having shot for Louis Vuitton all day and attended the Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards (and after party, oops) all night, the very next morning I was up at the crack of dawn and off to Berlin. I’d been dying to visit the city forever so when Timberland invited a few of us out to see their installation at Bread and Butter, attend their Berlin Fashion Week bash, eat delicious food and stay in a fancy hotel the only possibly answer was YES! Catch up on everything that went down here.

Company Magazine Shoot

Ella Catliff Company Magazine


In retrospect, July 2013 was seriously fantastic. Actually, it was pretty bloody brilliant at the time but that doesn’t make reminiscing on it any less enjoyable. The week after returning from Berlin I was booked by Company Magazine to do a six page editorial feature for their November Issue. I’ve read Company for as long as I can remember and God knows I love being in front of a camera so the whole thing was my idea of heaven. The experience also went some way towards curing my phobia of baseball caps, they totally work with a ball skirt. See the finished article here and behind-the-scenes here.

La Petite Anglaise x Juicy Couture

Ella Catliff Juicy Couture

Ella Catliff Juicy Couture

If there’s one thing I enjoy more than doing my best Blue Steel it’s hosting a party. Especially when all the boring bits about entertaining (buying food/booze, sorting out the guest list, making a playlist that contains something other than Britney…) are taken care of by an über brand like Juicy Couture. Add to that the fact that co-hosting were two of my fave fellow bloggers and I’m one happy lady! Once again, full party goss here.

Part III coming very soon, it’s the last one don’t worry!

Love Ella. X

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La Petite Anglaise 2013: Part I

Since starting La Petite Anglaise waaaaay back in 2010 I’ve celebrated the end of each year with a round up of the previous 12 months highlights. This year I’m sorry to tell you that there will be not one, not two but THREE editions to this post. Not many words though, I promise. You see, the past year has been so unbelievably, unexpectedly brilliant that it just seems silly to try and cram my best bits into one post. First and foremost, I have to thank all of you. Without my wonderful, generous readers La Petite Anglaise would cease to exist. At the risk of sounding like a gushing fool, I have to tell you how incredibly grateful I am that you’ve stuck with me on my fashion journey so far. Right, enough of that, let’s talk 2013…

Amsterdam with Supertrash

La Petite Anglaise

La Petite Anglaise

2013 got started with a bang. After mincing it up at London Collections Men and starting the second term of my second year at Central Saint Martins, I was off to Amsterdam for 24 hours of madness courtesy of Dutch über brand, Supertrash. My partners in crime where Alex Vanthournout of AlexLoves, Telegraph Fashion Editor, Sophie Warburton and the IPR London team who are pretty much the ultimate 24 party pals. It may have been freezing but we didn’t let that stop us having a hell of a good time. There where frosty walks (well, slithers), mulled wine, non mulled wine, delicious dinners, apple tart and round the table cocktail sampling sessions. As for the main event, well, click here for a reminder of that particular spectacle.

New York Fashion Week AW13

Ella Catliff La Petite Anglaise

It may have been F-ing freezing but nothing and no one, not even “blizzard nemo” was going to stop me having an absolute ball during my second ever full on New York Fashion Week experience. And boy, was it seriously FULL ON. From getting snowed in to the Kate Spade 20th Anniversary bash and practically fainting over 3.1 Phillip Lim’s insanely awesome collection to Phillip’s own birthday bash, Prabal Gurung bringing sexy back military couture style, party hopping with Serena, Sharoni and Chloe plus blizzards, outfits galore and general mayhem. It was everything you’d want from the craziest (biannual) week of the year in the city that never sleeps.

Rimini with Calzedonia

Calzedonia Summer Show Forever Together

La Petite Anglaise

La Petite Anglaise

Another fabulous 24 hour trip, this time courtesy of lingerie & swimwear giant, Calzedonia. Laura Hayden, David Downton, Tali Lennox, Poppy Delevigne and I got the full VIP treatment at the spectacular Grand Hotel Rimini (where Fellini stayed dontcha know) before a Victoria’s Secret esque extravaganza involving mid-air hoop dancing, buff bods, Tyson Beckford and Ke$ha… Bonkers. And I met SJP, even more bonkers.

LPA x Monica Vinader Event

La Petite Anglaise

La Petite Anglaise

In May I was lucky enough to join forces with one of the hottest jewellery brands around, Monica Vinader, to host a very special shopping event at their South Molton Street boutique. It was my first major hosting gig so I was incredibly nervous but the evening went fabulously and the lovely team even brought in a macaroon Eiffel Tower just for me! Working with such a fantastic (and more-major-by-the-minute) company with an amazing experience and I made a lifelong friend out of it too. What more could anyone ask for in a collaboration?

Miss Vogue

La Petite Anglaise

La Petite Anglaise Ella Catliff

Having to keep this under my hat for four whole months was no mean feat I can tell you! Straight after London Fashion Week, I headed to Dalston to shoot a feature for the first ever Miss Vogue supplement. It snowed, I got very, very cold but boy, were the blue knees worth it when the June issue of British Vogue arrived with this baby alongside it. Huge thanks to Esprit, Exposure PR, Jackie Dixon, Nik Thakkar, Condé Nast and everyone else who made this happen. I will remember it forever.

Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013

Ella Catliff La Petite Anglaise

Ella Catliff La Petite Anglaise

One word: MAJOR. How else to describe an awards ceremony held in Berkeley Square Gardens and attended by Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue, Cara Delevigne, Rita Ora, Joan Collins and basically every other fabulous female on the planet!? Oh, and I wore next season Prabal Gurung which gave a whole new meaning to the somewhat irritating hashtag #lifecomplete. Thank you again to Pandora for inviting me as your guest, it was a truly fabulous evening.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment of La Petite Anglaise 2013. More coming soon!

Love Ella. X

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Surviving Christmas By Candlelight

christmas by candlelight

Picture the scene. It’s Christmas Eve Eve, my family and I are gathered around the kitchen table chatting about the next three days. Oh the crumpets we’ll toast, the mince pies we’ll make, Christmas specials we’ll watch and Playstation games I’ll trounce my brother at. It goes without saying that throughout this merriment, there’ll be hot water a’plenty, a cosy Aga to hug and WiFi for when conversing with one’s nearest and dearest becomes unbearable. Then BAM! Lights out. Just as we’re tucking in to the first of many long, jovial feasts. At first it’s all rather novel, dinner by candlelight, what fun! So we all get fairly drunk and stumble off to bed, clutching hot water bottles to keep toasty in a house growing colder by the second. We awake the next morn (sorry, this tale telling thing is making me come over all olde worlde) expecting to fire up the Espresso maker and all have a good LOL over the previous evening’s drama. But the power does not return. At all. For the next four days and nights. Christmas by candlelight may sound dead romantic in a Tudor banquet, back-to-basics kind of way but pretty soon you’ll be tearing your unbrushed, greasy hair out and climbing trees in an attempt to get phone signal. In case any of you ever find yourselves in this dire predicament, here are a few pointers to help your and your family get out in one piece.

1) Do avoid physical exertion of any sort. And I don’t mean jumping jacks or jogging, that goes without saying. I’m talking heavy lifting (Christmas cake, turkeys, excessively large stacks of crumpets…), high speed present unwrapping, competitive board games, really anything that risks breaking out in a sweat. Unless you’re impervious to ice water, showering is a no go so by day four your family home runs the risk of smelling like a men’s locker room, before the invention of Lynx. Urgh.

2) Don’t attempt to remedy the situation by getting blind drunk. It will seem like a hilarious and ingenious idea at first but when your grandmother’s prizing your Sophia Webster stilettos from your feet so your father can drag you up the very dark stairs, muttering even more darkly about how you’re “not a bloody teenager anymore” the whole thing just gets embarrassing. I speak from experience here.

3) Do keep everyone entertained with a rousing rendition of All I Want For Christmas complete with Mariah style warbling. Some may complain at first but trust me, they love it really.

4) Don’t be the first person to get up in the morning. If you are, then you’ll get stuck doing the mountains of washing up it was “too dark” to do after supper. Remember, no electricity means no dishwasher… Quelle horror!

5) Do embrace hats indoors. Firstly, it will be cold enough to make this more of a necessity than a slightly wanky fashion statement. Secondly, no amount of dry shampoo and backcombing can disguise days worth of turkey grease, chocolate and glitter quite like a good old bobble hat.

6) Do GO TO TOWN on the Christmas grub, chocolates, mince pies and anything else you can lay your hands on. No one can see if you unbutton your J Brands or slip into something elasticated… Result.

7) Do not, under any circumstances use the words “it’s like Christmas didn’t even happen” in reference to your inability to Instagram every single second of it. The fact this is totally true won’t stop you getting mocked. Certain family members may even threaten to throw your beloved iPhone out of a window. #justsaying

8) Do still get your gladrags on. Ok, so no one will be able to see your fancy frock but wearing the same, stained pyjamas for days on end will depress you even more than the aforementioned lack of Instagram. Applying make up is a whole different story. Attempting vampy berry lipstick in the dark won’t end well, trust me.

9) If, by some miracle, you manage to cook something vaguely resembling Christmas Dinner do not grab a handful of brussels sprouts and chestnuts straight out of the pan and swallow it whole. Doing so will burn your entire oesophagus rendering those roast potatoes you’d been so looking forward to a painful ordeal. Obviously this also applies if you have light, but at least in a blackout you can pass greed/stupidity off as darkness induced confusion.

10) Do… Enjoy it. As much as I’ve whinged and moaned about the whole thing to anyone who’ll listen since escaping back to London it was actually pretty awesome being totally disconnected from the world for a few days of eating, drinking and chilling en famille. Admittedly it would have been better with heat, light and the ability to clean oneself but hey, you can’t have everything.

Love Ella. X

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