Lacoste SS14: Life Is A Beautiful Sport

Remember when I went to Paris with the lovely Lacoste? Of course you do, it was barely a fortnight ago! In case you do need a recap, the reason for my petite Parisian jaunt was the launch of their inspired Life Is A Beautiful Sport SS14 campaign, naturally unveiled at a great, big, fabulous party. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is to come up with a fashion campaign film that doesn’t have “yawn” written all over it. Lacoste managed it, and then some. Instead of regurgitating everything I wrote in my previous post I’m just going to let this stunning snippet speak for itself. Enjoy…

The full shabang launches TONIGHT online at

Love Ella. X

Creative agency: BETC
Production: Wanda
Director: Seb Edwards
Music: DISCLOSURE – “YOU & ME” ft Eliza Doolittle — Flume Remix / Universal Music Publishing

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There’s Something About Cara

cara delevingne mulberry

Firstly I have to apologise for the frankly lame title of this post, I just can’t resist a bit of shameless appropriation. Secondly I know the subject of Cara Delevingne seems about as original as the blogger tastic ensemble I rocked on Monday. But bear with me, because this is one of occasions where I’d especially love to hear from you lot. The other night I slipped off my J.Crew sheepskin slippers and tucked myself into bed in my tartan PJs and cosy cashmere socks armed with a mug of peppermint tea and set about getting stuck into the February issues.The first thing I noticed, leafing through the many gorgeous ad campaigns on display before the first article, was the fact that Cara Delevingne starred in not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 of them. Namely, mulberry (above), DKNY, La Perla and Saint Laurent make up. This was not the first time I’d encountered Miss Delevingne that day nor would it be the last, she’s everywhere. And despite having been E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E for some time now, it doesn’t appear that her proverbial fifteen minutes are even close to being up. This, I know, isn’t exactly news but it got me thinking, what is it about Cara that has the world so enraptured? What unique qualities have made her fame and career eclipse that of her sister?

Cara La Perla

La Perla SS14 Campaign

Cara Delevingne is beautiful, well obvs, but dare I say it no more gorgeous than Karlie Kloss or Jourdan Dunn. I mean really, they’re all goddamn goddesses. But yet, it’s Cara who makes headlines on a daily basis, walked in practically every AW13 show, then had the clout to basically opt out next season and still scores more Vogue covers and major advertising campaigns than the lot. This led me to wonder that perhaps the key to this particular model’s meteoric success lies not in her good looks, banging bod, posing prowess or business acumen. Perhaps the reason fashion brands and fans alike go cray cray for Cara D is more down to her highly publicised personal life and possibly even her personality itself, or at least what we conceive her personality to be. Whether or not the Cara’s knack for face pulling selfies, A list besties and inherent naughtiness are a clearly calculated PR strategy, it’s sure as hell worked out brilliantly for her. She neither pretends to be perfect not subscribes to the Kate Moss school of enigmatic mystery which, I suspect, may not have been quite so effective in an age where everyone wants to know what their idols had for breakfast and swiftly direct their attentions elsewhere if their demand for 24/7 selfies goes unmet.


Cara Delevigne closing the Chanel Haute Couture SS14 show


Cara’s backstage snaps

But of course, merely sharing the ins and outs of ones daily grind does not a megastar make. It’s got to be something people want to see and secretly, or openly for that matter, desire to emulate. A reason so many social media addicts flock to Cara D’s Instagram feed is no doubt because they can be damn sure those snaps won’t just be of her at home reading a novel. Cara spends New Year’s Eve partying with Rhianna, casual afternoons causing global scandal by snuggling with Michelle Rodriguez and last Tuesday morning opening and closing the Chanel haute couture show, playing muse to Monsieur Lagerfeld, documenting the lot with a series of gleeful and goofy selfies. On paper, Miss Delevingne seems like the ultimate rockstar supermodel but maybe the obvious joy and excitement she takes and shares in experiencing something most people could only dream of proves she is not so far removed after all. If you spent a night with Rhianna, let’s be honest, that shit would be all over Instagram. And that’s precisely what Cara does.


Cara & Rhianna’s New Year’s Eve night out


Michelle Rodriguez & Cara Delevigne getting cosy on the baseball FROW

As a supermodel, she appears to be both a combination of unbelievably lucky and comparatively relatable. For as long as I’ve read magazines it’s been something of an A list obsession to pretend they’re just normal people when of course, clearly they’re not. So no wonder we love (or love to hate) it when famous females openly live the excessive, jet set, high rolling lifestyles most of us can only fantasise about. The more major campaigns and famous mates Cara Delevingne acquires, the more she can revel in these particular perks of her job. The more her antics reach our ears, or rather our iPhones, the more we talk about her, the more campaigns she lands and thus, the cycle continues. Or at least, that’s one theory on it.

The question I’m really putting to you dear readers, is what do you think it is about Cara Delevingne that has kept her star rising and looks to keep it doing so for the foreseeable future. Is it her differences from other supers and celebs? Her willingness to share her life, flaws n’ all? Or just a combination of good genes and even better luck? Ultimately it comes down to the question of what it is exactly that elevates someone from the realms of mere celebrity and makes them a phenomenon.

What do YOU think?

Love Ella. X

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Introducing: Stills

The Stills a

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? I first went aged 18. This decision was prompted largely by the fact my Dad was dead set against it, something than instantly made my visiting the Dutch capital inevitable. As the lone female in a large group of boys the trip itself involved a whole lot of aimlessly wandering around the Red Light District, very disgusting hostels and fast food that came out of vending machines. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy the experience. Since that deeply unpleasant trip I’ve been back to Amsterdam, discovered the impossibly picturesque, gallery packed and generally gorgeous side of it and fallen hard. If you’re not a scrubby, clueless teenage tourist it’s a city of such immeasurable culture and coolness you’re left daydreaming of the canal boat lifestyle. In recent years Amsterdam has also shown itself to be a veritable hotbed of exciting fashion talent. Case in point, Stills.

the stills b

I feel bad that I’m only posting about Stills now. I was introduced to the brand months and months ago so you may well be very familiar with them by this point. But then again, you may not. Theirs is a subtle, unassuming elegance. Once that resides in their Amsterdam atelier, focusing on perfecting the cut of their cloth, the architectural brilliance of their stores and the captivating beauty of their imagery rather than dressing ‘slebs or splashing themselves all over social media. Now, I’m a big advocator of using all the technological tools available to promote one’s wares far and wide but there’s something about the cool, calm and collected way designers Korrie Vulkers and Martin Tramper go about their business that is utterly compelling. I also suspect that they know, once someone’s stumbled across the understated sensuality of Stills they won’t forget it anytime soon even if they have to hunt a little harder than usual to find it. It is in fact only now, some five months on from being introduced to the brand that I’ve finally ‘got’ what the name’s all about; stillness, which, in a world that couldn’t be moving any faster is a rare and delectable luxury. That’s not to say for one minute that their creations are boring. You know me, I’ve no time for head-to-toe neutrals. Admittedly Stills gives great neutral, in tactile worked fabrics, buttersoft leathers and sumptuous silks, but they also deliver a myriad of rich hues which leave me weak at the knees every time I look at them.

the stills c

Spring/Summer 2014 provides a crystal clear example of this fusion of minimalism and eye candy. Razor sharp cuts and stark monochrome shades meet painstakingly concocted, hand woven raffia jacquards, delicate prints and melt-in-your-mouth colours. Gossamer fine, draped and flowing shapes are juxtaposed with structured silhouettes echoing the striking modernism of their Dopel Strijkers designed boutiques. Though a myriad of contradictory qualities and a rigid adherence to their core brand values, Stills is a brand to watch for 2014 and beyond. I recommend snapping up a piece or three now and revelling in feeling thoroughly smug.

Stills is currently stocked in the UK at Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks, Bond Street. More stockist info here.

Love Ella. X

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Lena Dunham, Vogue & The Retouching Debate


Let’s face it, Lena Dunham’s US Vogue cover was an uproar waiting to happen. If they didn’t retouch, the whole thing would have been out of sync with the rest of the magazine’s glossy, fantastical and 100% retouched images. Hell, some might even accuse Vogue of trying to portay Lena in an unflattering light. If they did retouch, which obviously they were always going to, outrage would ensue which of course it has. What I really don’t understand, is why anyone is remotely surprised and frankly, why it’s even newsworthy. Today it’s a pretty safe bet that every single image you see in Vogue, or any other fash mag for that matter, has undergone a spot of editing regardless of whether the subject is a “real woman” (God I hate that patronising phrase) or a supermodel. We all know this, it’s no secret. Being photoshopped is no reflection of the individual in question. Everyone’s seen enough of those shocking and mildly self righteous Upworthy features to know that not even the girl in the advert looks like the girl in the advert. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s healthy, but like the price on request gowns and more expensive than rent handbags, fashion magazine’s are about fantasy not reality. For me, far more distasteful was Jezebel’s $10,000 quest to get hold of the unretouched photos which seemed like a highly unoriginal piece of scandal mongering. As Kat Stoeffel wrote in her brilliant article for The Cut, what exactly did they intend to achieve? We’ve all seen Lena basically buck naked enough times to know what she looks like and she looks very much like that person, albeit with professional hair, make up and high fashion get up in the Vogue pictures. We all know that fashion magazines retouch images. While the retouching highlighted by the oh-so-predictable before and after shots on Jezebel may have confirmed it, the changes were actually pretty minimal. As for the digital placement Annie Leibowitz is so known for and pigeon on head palaver, I’m not really sure if or why anyone would care.

Ultimately I can’t help but feel it’s a positive thing that Vogue are championing talent, brains and unconventionality on their cover and perhaps our collective energies would be better spent pushing for more of that than lamenting the inevitable. Retouched or not, surely this is more interesting than yet another Alexa Chung/Cara Delevigne cover. But enough from me, what do YOU guys think?

Love Ella. X

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Mod Mods Month Of Colour

Mod Mods

I don’t need to tell you that January sucks. A lot. The Spring collections are in all the mags and nowadays, in many shops too but you’re either too cold/broke/miserable to even entertain the notion of wearing pastels or the very idea of shopping is intolerable due to the hideousness of the sales. Add “dry January” (who came up with giving up vino during the most depressing month of the year!?) into the mix and it’s hardly surprising so many of us can’t face wearing anything other than black and grey. But, my friends, the truth is nothing makes you feel less like curling up in a small ball until the sun comes out again (sometime around July in London, if we’re lucky) than BRIGHTS! Be those brights of a rich, Winter appropriate nature or colour popping pastels in Spring ready shades, forcing yourself into clothing that requires protective eye gear will blast away the January blues and make the old complexion look a bit less pallid too, you have my word on it. You’ve no doubt realised by now that I favour a more is more approach when it comes to Winter brights but it turns out that global style hub, Mod Mods share this view too!

Mod Mods 1Mod Mods 2Mod Mods 3

In an attempt to prove the power of hot house hues in cold climes they’ve launched their Month Of Colour campaign and enlisted me as a Colour Ambassador. This basically means that throughout the dreaded January I will be uploading images of myself wearing a whole lotta colour to my profile on the Mod Mods site in the hope that maybe, you lot will too. It’s super simple, just register and away you go. But of course, it’s always more fun to add an element of competition so at the end of the month the person with the chicest take on Winter brights will be selected by a panel of judges including your’s truly.

The winner of Mod Mod’s Month of Colour contest will win:

-An exclusive Google+ Hangout Tutorial on the upcoming ss14 beauty trends from a runway makeup artist

-A starring role in a special Month of Colour newsletter

-A special winner’s photo on our home page and street style galleries

Good luck…

Love Ella. X

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