A Year in Vogue…

Every little boy or girl grows up with a dream. For some that dream is to be an astronaut, for others it’s to be a champion horse rider, a popstar or a Princess. Generally speaking, we outgrow these dreams at some point. After all, eating vacuum packed meals in zero gravity doesn’t actually sound like very much fun and our chances of snagging a Prince are generally slim to none. But whilst we may forget our childish ambitions for fame, fortune and world domination there is a certain wish that I for one will never forget: to be on the cover of Vogue. Laugh if you will but I’d bet my cashmere socks that I’m not the only fashon obsessed female who never grew out of wanting to grace the front page of the sartorial bible. For most of us this will remain forever a fantasy but for the likes of Alexa, Victoria and Gisele, donning a priceless designer ensemble and getting snapped by Mario Testino is all in a days work. So as we say goodbye to 2011 here are the lovely ladies who got to live every girl’s dream this year…

Vogue covers 2011

They’re all beautiful, inspiring, talented and let’s face it, lucky… Who was your favourite British Vogue cover girl of 2011? And who would you like to see there during the year to come?

Love Ella. X

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the chicest of them all…

Now I’m not making excuses or anything, but thinking up blog posts during the Christmas/New Year period is pretty bloody tricky. Endless holiday-themed posts run the risk of being cheesey, boring and causing a widespread boycott of your blog. After all, there are only so many times one can use, read or hear the phrase “festive sparkle” before being overwhelmed with the desire to dress only in black for the rest of your life. But then again, it is the season to be jolly and ignoring it all together just seems plain miserable. The New Year is fast approaching and it seems a shame to let 2011 slip away without so much as acknowledging the 12 months of fashion which will soon be little more than a distant memory. So in an attempt to look back on the sartorial year we will soon be leaving behind without boring you, or myself, to tears I’ve decided to compile my own “best dressed” list for the year that’s about to be gone…

Name: Alexa Chung
Occupation: TV Presenter
USP: (that’s unique STYLE point btw) Geek Chic

Alexa Chung

Name: Florence Welch
Occupation: Singer
USP: Pre-Raphelite Locks and Ethereal Elegance

Florence Welch

Name: Hanneli Mustaparta
Occupation: Blogger/Photographer/Stylist/Model
USP: Simple but effective

Hanneli Mustaparta

Name: Olivia Palermo
Occupation: Ummmm…
USP: Groomed n’ Glossy

Olivia Palermo

There’s no way in hell I could possibly pick a favourite so instead I leave it down to you… which one of these four fabulously dressed females truly is the chicest of them all?

Love Ella. X

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BREAKING NEWS!!! BFC Announces NEWGEN Recipients for AW12

Milan may be master of luxury and Paris King of Couture but when it comes to scouting out fashion’s next-big-thing, no one does it better than London. The other week I posted the news of this years’ shortlist for the BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund, but this is by no means the only scheme concocted by the British Fashion Council in order to provide talented young designers with the support they need to suceed. Back in 1993, whilst I was practically still in babygro’s, the BFC created New Generation (NEWGEN), one of the world’s most prestigious and internationally recognised talent identification programme. This ingenius initiative offers helps catwalk designers get their collections down the runway by providing them with financial support and the opportunity to use the BFC Catwalk Show Space and London Fashion Week. Others recieve sponsored presentation or exhibition space enabling them to showcase their work to some of the biggest hitters throughout the fashion world.

Given that previous recipients have included Alexander McQueen, Matthew Williamson, Christopher Kane and Erdem I think it’s safe to say that NEWGEN is one of the most-coveted prizes around. But that’s enough blurb for one post, here are the up-and-coming stars who’ve scooped up the AW12 award…

Catwalk Sponsorship: David Koma, Holly Fulton, J JS Lee, Michael Van Der Ham, J.W. Anderson and Simone Rocha

From left: David Koma, Holly Fulton, Michael Van der Ham & J.W. Anderson SS12

Presentation Sponsorship: Christopher Raeburn and Thomas Tait

From Left: Christopher Raeburn SS12, Thomas Tait SS12

Installation Sponsorship: Nasir Mazhar and SISTER By Sibling

Exhibition Sponsorship: Huishan Zhang, James Long, Lucas Nascimiento, Palmer/Harding, Tim Soar and all designers recieving catwalk, presentation and installation sponsorship.

From left: Huishan Zhang, James Long and Lucas Nascimiento SS12

And that’s not all, this season just so happens to be the 10th Anniversary of Topshop’s sponsorship of the scheme and according to my sources there are serious festivities planned in honour of the occasion… Bring on February I say!

Love Ella. X

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Introducing… Mulberry Harriet

Maybe it’s because Father Christmas didn’t quite get it right this year. Maybe it’s because all those mince pies have left your J Brands a tad too tight. Whatever the reason, the post-Christmas blues can set in at any moment, leaving even the most proactive among us sofa-bound until well into the New Year. But never fear for if there’s one thing guaranteed to lift even the heaviest of hearts it has to be a prime slice of fashion deliciousness, delivered to us this year by none other than Mulberry. Harriet is the newest addition Mulberry’s extensive collection of leather lovelies and has already zoomed straight to the top of many a SS12 wish list, although which style to choose will no doubt become dilemma numero uno for stylish females throughout the sartorial world.

Mulberry Harriet
Clockwise from left: Harriet Satchel in Leopard Spotted Haircalf, Shoulder Bag in Nightshade Blue,
Clutch in Summer Khaki, Tote in Marshmellow White and Clutch Wallet in Glossy Black Buffalo

Between the Harriet Tote, Satchel, Shoulder Bag and Clutch Wallet, Mulberry have well and truly got us spoilt for choice and that’s before you even get started on selecting a colour. To go classic in black glossy buffalo or mix things up with a new season shade of summer khaki or candy pink… now THAT really is the question.

Love Ella. X

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It May be Winter Outside…

Much as I harped on about being “so over” Summer back in August the truth is that December is far lovelier in theory than in practice. In theory you wander through frosty parks and tastefully decorated boulevards, swathed in cashmere and elegantly sipping a skinny latte. In reality however I find myself scurrying to the tube wearing everything I could lay my hands on and spilling my latte straight down my front… Not quite so glamorous. That said, knitwear is undeniably comforting and I do love a well-tailored coat not to mention partying on a Monday night, something only really acceptable during the “festive season”.  Yep, sartorially speaking every season has its perks and pitfalls but for those days when the whole dark-by-3pm thing gets you down just take a look at the AMAZE 2012 resort collection from Christopher Kane. Those rainbow brights could bring Spring to even the coldest of hearts.

Christopher Kane

Love Ella. X

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