Front Row and Fabulous: Anna Wintour

Ok, so I may not be going to Paris or Milan this season (sob!) but that sure as hell doesn’t mean I’m going to be letting go of Fashion Week anytime soon. This magical time comes but twice a year so whether you’re attending the shows or viewing them from the comfort of your own home I say let’s make the most! Now we all know that the point of Fashion Week is really the collections. Ultimately we’re all there to check out the clothes in store for next season but no matter how inspiring they are, their beauty sometimes pales in comparison to the fabulous faces on the FROW. Thinking about who to feature in my first ever front row post, the answer was pretty blooming obvious. Who else could I possibly begin with than the Queen of fashion herself, HRH Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour

Unlike other serial FROW-ers I could mention, La Wintour is not just there to pose. Anyone who’s watched the Septmber Issue (and if you haven’t I command you to stop reading and YouTube it NOW!) will be well aware that Anna has the power to make or break a designer’s career. A nod from her and you’re sorted, a scowl and you may as well pack up and go home. Having spent the entire Meadham Kirchoff show trying to get a snap of her instead of looking at the collection, I can understand why Anna is such paparazzi fodder. Aside from the fact she’s top of the fashion food chain, the Editrix extraordinaire never looks anything less than perfection. Ever immaculate but never boring, sensationally stylish and a little bit terrifying, Anna Wintour certainly knows how to work a FROW.

Love Ella. X

3 Thoughts on Front Row and Fabulous: Anna Wintour

  1. M says:

    God, I LOVE her. Notice how she wears the same shoes? She honestly could do no wrong. If I saw her in person (I really wish I could, even just a glimpse)) I'd faint in front of her. Or behind her security team or something!

    <3 from San Francisco

    Petite Avenue

  2. Sara Maia says:

    I thought I recognised you from somewhere… I saw you around at a few of the same shows at LFW. A lot of my good friends are also at CSM, so I must've seen you around too.
    Great blog… I STILL haven't finished my LFW blogging!

  3. Claira M says:

    she's such an inspiration 🙂 I wouldn't stop blogging about FW either! xo

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