Girl Crush Alert! Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

Generally speaking, I’m not big on celebrity style posts. Not because I don’t find A-list ensembles and Red Carpet disasters fascinating, in fact quite the opposite. There are just so many other blogs that cover it brilliantly that I can’t help but feel my jumping on the bandwagon might be a little bit pointless. But as you’ve probably noticed, this goes out the window fairly frequently, especially when a certain starlet dresses so exquisitely that I can’t help myself but post about it. Previous girl crushes have included Florence Welch, Alexa Chung and Rooney Mara, but the ingenue to blame for making me break my celeb-free policy today is a striking strawberry blonde by the name of Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain

I could start harping on about Jessica’s acting accolades, after all she starred in a whopping seven big budget films in 2011 alone. But much as I loved her performance in The Help, the subject of this post is her style credentials. Whether it’s ice white Givenchy, or sculptural McQueen, few people pull off the modern day goddess look quite like Jessica. Having been lucky enough to meet her at this years Elle Style Awards, I can confirm that this woman is luminous. Personally I’m loving her Cannes Film Festival looks and when a snap of her at the Lawless premiere in a glimmering, Gucci number (below) arrived in my inbox, I came worryingly close to fainting. Seamlessly switching between old Hollywood glamour and more directional pieces, Jessica Chastain is a sartorial force to be reckoned with. The dress she wore to this year’s Critics Choice Awards may have received some unkind press but when a redhead is brave enough to attempt bright pink Balenciaga I can’t help but think, good on her!

Jessica Chastain

While I can’t exactly imagine her rocking a causal jeans and tee combo, Jessica Chastain certainly knows how to work the Red Carpet. Plus, isn’t the idea of only bothering to leave the house for occasions that demand priceless couture more than a just little bit fabulous?

Love Ella. X

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    WOW, that Gown is Gor'juss

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