GIVE-AWAY! Diesel private gig tickets



Yep, it’s another give-away… Not that I’m trying to bribe you to keep following La Petite Anglaise or anything. No seriously, the last event Diesel hosted was such a laugh that when they offered me 6 tickets for their next (and possibly even better) one to give to you dear readers, it would have been plain mean for me to say no! On Wednesday 22nd August Diesel will be hosting a super exclusive private gig with FRIENDS performing, Hanna Hanra Djing and a ‘special guest’ who’s identity even I don’t know yet. Plus there’ll be an open bar, glamourous guests and no doubt large supplies of delicious cupcakes. For a chance to win tickets for you and a friend, just follow these simple steps…

1) Follow @Ella_LaPetite on twitter here

2) Follow @Diesel_UK on twitter here

3) Tweet us your ultimate all-time feel good song with the hashtag #dieselcoventgarden

Hopefully see you there!

Love Ella. X

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