Hoss Intropia by La Petite Anglaise & Fashion Salade

Hoss Intropia

Earlier this year I made a brief blogging-related trip to Madrid for a little collaboration with Hoss Intropia and Spanish blogzine, Fashion Salade. Now when I say brief, I really do mean it, as I went there and back in a day! This elicited a fair bit of mockery from family and friends about my supposedly “jet set” lifestyle but I assure you, easyjet at 5am ain’t glamorous. Once I arrived all early morning angst was forgotten and I got stuck into a day of dressing up. For the results of our shoot and a short (thank God) video interview with yours truly go to Fashion Salade, but here are a few snaps from the day…

Fashion Salade

Love Ella. X


2 thoughts on “Hoss Intropia by La Petite Anglaise & Fashion Salade

  1. I absolutely adore the first outfit! Those shorts are just so dreamy. Nautical & scallops? Yes, please!

    x Monique
    Petite Avenue

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