Hosting #TheSoireeLFW with Rémy Martin

#TheSoireeLFW Remy Martin

How quickly did London Fashion Week go!? Maybe it seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye (sorry I can never resist a rhyme) because I skipped New York this season. Or, more likely, I was having such a blast that LFW AW17 seemed to be over far too soon. It may be a cliché but time really does fly when you’re having fun, and we certainly had a lot of that over the shows! One particularly glorious highlight was the party I co-hosted with fellow bloggers and dear friends Lorna Andrews and Bonnie Rakhit at La Maison Rémy Martin

A little background info, Lorna, Bonnie and I tackled LFW AW17 together, with a significant amount of help from the fabulous Phil MaChugh who not only provided lols but also pretty much ran our lives, made sure our collaboration with Mercedes (more on that coming soon) ran smoothly and that no one screwed anything up. At some point during the frantic preparation stages, Rémy Martin approached us to host a party at their Soho pop up bar. While some may have decided against adding another commitment into the fashion week mix mere days before the shows began, the idea of declining didn’t even cross our cocktail loving minds. Bonnie, Lorna and I share a serious love of parties and an inability to not embrace every exciting opportunity that comes our way, regardless of how busy we might already be or the lack of sleep making said opportunity happen would entail. Plus, who on earth wouldn’t leap at the chance to host a London Fashion Week closing party for an iconic brand like Rémy Martin!? Only a damn fool, as fas as I’m concerned!

After an amazing few days of zooming around town in our Mercedes Benz G Wagen, the penultimate night of LFW finally rolled around and suddenly it was time to start getting ready for our party. I’m not going to lie to you, in the hours leading up to our party nerves set in BIG time. Literally, I felt like a teenager freaking out that no one was going to turn up to their birthday. It was a horribly familiar throwback feeling but at least I wasn’t simultaneously slathering myself in poorly applied orange fake tan, over straightening my hair and attempting to squeeze into some sort of body con contraption this time around… Ahhh the noughties. Anyway, said fear was fairly justified as it is notoriously impossible to get anyone to commit to an event during fashion week when there are countless soirees on offer every night and everyone is too exhausted-slash-drunk to remember exactly what they’ve RSVP’d to. I was beyond relieved when La Maison Rémy Martin was packed out within minutes of the doors opening. And even more thrilled that so many people stuck around all night that the party had to finish an hour later than planned.

Thank you so incredibly much to everyone who came down and made #TheSoireeLFW such a wonderful night! And mega thanks to Rémy Martin for entrusting Lorna, Bonnie and me with hosting duties… Not to mention providing THE BEST cocktails, which I suspect may have had something to do with no one wanting to go home…

More tales from London Fashion Week AW17 coming soon!

Love Ella. X