How Much is Too Much? Damien Hirst X The Row

It’s the age old question isn’t it. How much is too much for a really fab handbag? This is an arguement I’ve had countless times with boyfriends, male relatives and former (just joking) friends who don’t feel that accessories should ever cost more than rent. When I first got wind of the handbag collab between Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s cooler-than-cool fashion brand and legendary YBA Damien Hirst I thought this question had finally been answered. The cost of any bag labelled “call for price” is probably just too outrageous… Or is it?

Ok, so we’re talking five figures minimum for one of these bad boys but you can’t deny, they’re pretty awesome. Aside from being really, really nice each one is a legitimate work of art that will no doubt increase in value, provide an excellent talking point at parties and be handy for lugging stuff about it. Admittedly anyone with this much cash to splash on a rucksack probably doesn’t do that much “lugging” but I’m sure you get my point. If that slightly dubious attempt at justifying the no doubt astronomical cost of these beauties then maybe this will swing it: a portion of each sale will go to UNICEF and with prices sky high, that donation wouldn’t exactly be pocket change. So you might not be able to afford to eat, shop or pay your phone bill ever again but come on, think of the children.

Click here to find out more or maybe even buy one.

Love Ella. X

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    I want one! x

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