In My Handbag: 14/01/2013

in my handbag

This morning I realised that despite claiming “In My Handbag” would be a regular feature, I’d totally forgotton all about it! It’s truly horrible London today and I decided to cheer myself up by carrying a truly fabulous bag so I thought this would be the right time to do a second one.

in my handbag

As you know, and are probably thoroughly bored of hearing about, I’m more-than-mildly obsessed with 3.1 Phillip Lim. His lovely team invited me along to their studio after the show last season to get a proper, up close look at the collection. Just when I thought the afternoon couldn’t get any more thrilling, they generously gave my this handbag. Naturally I’ve been carrying it non-stop ever since partially because of it’s sheer, aesthetic amazingness but also because it can fit SO MUCH STUFF! Admittedly I didn’t actually need that much luggage with me today but nothing lifts the spirits like a neon pink handbag.

in my handbag

I bought these cute spotty gloves at Accessorize just the other week. My mum gave me a gorgeous plum leather pair for Christmas but I have an uncanny nack for losing gloves once wine comes into the equation. Last winter I managed to misplace a whopping eight pairs so I decided to get these for nights out, but I actually really like them.

in my handbag

This is no doubt stating the obvious but I never, ever leave home without my wallet. I mean what if I happened to wander past Whistles and find an incredible blouse on sale with just one left in my size and wasn’t able to snap it up in a heartbeat? This particular sparkle-tastic wallet was a wonderful Christmas Gift from Anya Hindmarch. Given my addiction to glitter, they were right in thinking I’d love it.

in my handbag

Much as I hate to admit this, I don’t find my iPad that useful. It turns out that it’s not, as I mistakenly assumed, just like a mini laptop. It’s more like a big iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls. In fact I only really use it for checking Facebook in bed or reading 50 Shades of Grey on the tube… but doesn’t it and my iPhone look adorable in their matching green Mulberry cases?

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Love Ella. X

5 Thoughts on In My Handbag: 14/01/2013

  1. Jacky C. says:

    Hi Ella
    I totally agree with ur idea about iPad, and which has same function way of mine.
    BTW, the adorable pink 3.1 Philip Lin is really matching ur style, and I really fancy the color of the wallet, immaculate~

  2. Hello Ella,

    Love that pink bag and i agree an ipad is a giant iphone, that is useless, almost.
    Like what you have done with the blog. The changes are great.

  3. Fauxionista says:

    Those polka dotted gloves are adorable! Also love the bright green Mulberry cases. 🙂

  4. Hannah says:

    That pink bag is phenomenal Ella!! Lucky girly. I know what you mean about iPads. They are also good for surfing fashion blogs on the go though!! I’m hoping (/praying) the Microsoft Surface will be like a mini laptop that we once wished the apple tablet would be. Time to get saving and see…
    Loveage xx

  5. Michaela says:

    Ella, the Anya Hindmarch is simply stunning, and to carry that around in your much loved pink handbag today – you must have been secretly grinning all day x

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