Introducing: Fleming London

fleming london

fleming london

For a couple of seasons now, backpacks have been de rigeur among fashion folk. And I can totally understand why. Fash-back-packs can look pretty damn cool, especially when paired with Celine skate shoes, minimalist tailoring and other things I’d look ridiculous wearing. However, no doubt unsurprisingly they’ve never been my cup of tea. After all, why carry your life around in a practical way when you could practically dislocate your shoulder hanging it on the crook of your arm? I jest… Kind of. Anyway enough of that and on to the point of this post, the Brit brand making me reconsider my relationship with the stuff carrier style that remains determinedly in style, Fleming London.

fleming london

Softest, smoothest strokeable leather, bold block hues and pretty enough to make up for being so darned practical, I love ’em. Aside from being exceedingly nice to look at, the story of this label’s development is thoroughly impressive. The concept for these luxe rucksacks was conceived in January 2013 and by December 6th, Fleming London was born. Launching an independent, UK manufactured accessory brand is a pretty risky move so I always wonder how one summons up the necessary cojones to give it a go. I quizzed Fleming London Founder, Sophie Fleming, who just so happens to hail from the same area of Sussex as your’s truly, on this very subject as she offered the following explanation…

“I designed this backpack out of a personal need that could not be met from the High Street or Designers at the time; firstly when I became an avid cyclist as a university student, and then when I began commuting to London for my job at Jaeger’s Head Office just off Regent Street. Whilst casual rucksacks were available, I yearned for something that was more formal and structured, with a sense of style and sophistication. Hopefully I have achieved this with Fleming London!”

As a newly converted backpack wearer, I can say with confidence that she has. Find out a whole lot more about Fleming London here.

Love Ella. X

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  1. Lola says:

    I am especially amazed when I find something both practical and aesthetically pleasing, I live by the realm where it’s often one or the other. Love the look of these, can almost smell the leather from here. Red is my fave! XX

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