Introducing: In My Handbag


After months of pondering and procrastination I’ve decided to start a new semi-regular feature called “In My Handbag” so you’ll have to tell me what you think of it. I figured that it’s always interesting having a snoop in other people’s bags and finding out what essential (or non-essential) items they don’t leave home without. As you know all too well, I’m a total handbag obsessive. Big, small, leather, croc, suede, studded, eye-popping neon pink… You name it, I probably have something along those lines in my wardrobe. Like most fashion fanatics, if I had the means I would wear Prada right down to my pants. Sadly not being in posession of a trust fund or six figure salary, I have to shop a little more carefully. Over the past few years I’ve bought several hideously expensive garments that have gone out of date before the tags even come off. These¬†infuriating incidents led me to the conclusion that when the urge to splurge strikes, the safest section of Selfridges to direct it is accessories. It is worth bearing in mind that this policy isn’t without risk and last year it resulted in my spending almost entire term’s student loan on this Mulberry lovely.

The bag is, of course, my beloved Mulberry Tillie Tote which may have left me bankrupt until last Easter but was definitely worth every penny. The wallet (below) is also Mulberry, a little gift from me to me after landing a modelling job a couple of years ago. It’s a bit battered now but I still love it.


I’m a total stationary junkie and my collection of notepads (mainly floral) has probably reached triple figures. This Flex Organiser from Filofax (below) is one of my faves because it’s got lots of useful pockets and you can replace the inner notepads once you’ve filled them up. Oh and the fact it’s pink doesn’t hurt. On this particular day I was headed back to London after spending Christmas with my family in Sussex so I shoved the organiser into my bag along with my Liberty London pencil case just in case I came up with any inspired blog post ideas during the journey. I didn’t but I did draw a few fairly awesome doodles of unsuspecting fellow passengers.


The gorgeous Smythson key ring (below) was a 21st birthday present and besides being all glossy and green and whatnot it also a) stops me losing my keys, some of the time and b) opens out into a teeny tiny portable photo frame, practical and cute! You might recognise the adorable fairisle beret from the Look Du Jour post I did that very same afternoon. It came courtesy of Father Christmas (who was obviously watching me browse the Accessorize rails earlier in December) and I can’t get enough of it.


Love Ella. X

Ps) Not sure why my bedcover looks such a different shade of green in the last pic. I feel it might be something to do with my leaning over ¬†and casting a shadow over the area… After 2 and a half years blogging my photography skills have evidently not improved, sorry!


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