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You all know how much I enjoy discovering a new label to lust after. More often than not, I’m merely late to the party and the brand in question had been “discovered” by basically everyone else long before I caught wind of their covetableness. I think, or at least I’m going to work on the basis that, Scaline London’s under-the-radar status means I’m slightly ahead of the curve this time. Either way I’m happy to have learnt of its existence and of course, introduce Scaline to you. I always find it fascinating how many businesses, sartorial or otherwise, get started as a result of a dynamic individual not being able to find the product or service they crave and, rather than just sighing and settling for something else, deciding to do it themselves. For instance, as a fashion fanatic working in international management, Anne-Sophie Kohler wasn’t feeling the suits on offer. Rather than making do, as most of us would, in 2010 she decided to launch her own label to fill this void in the market and her own wardrobe. Thus Scaline London was born, a Shoreditch based, European inspired brand dishing up work appropriate attire that won’t cause a ruckus in the office, break the bank or bore the wearer to death. luxury for stylish young ladies. This oh-so-brief synopsis makes it all sound super simple but as anyone who’s had anything to do with fashion, business or start ups will no doubt be painfully aware, these things never are. I’m sure there were trials, tribulations and moments where Anne-Sophie wished she’d never had the bloody idea in the first place. Luckily all seems to have worked out well and Scaline London’s latest array of looks are par excellence with a simple yet effective blend of sleek silhouettes and leather detailing a’plenty.



From left: Alexis Biker Inspired Boucle Jacket, £139, Clara Cotton & Leather Dress, £89, Helene Crepe Tank Top, £49, Nicole Grey Flared Pencil Skirt, £79.

As someone who doesn’t own tracksuit bottoms on principle and considers most outfits incomplete without a collar, I love the idea of smart, slick basics which is what Scaline London is all about. My favourite piece is the immaculately cut Nicole flared pencil skirt which I’d jazz up with an embellished blouse or some novelty knitwear. For the minimally inclined it would be perfect paired with a simple white tee or black cashmere poloneck. How would you style it?

Love Ella. X

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  1. Elaine says:

    I would pair that skirt with the chunky knit jacket. The boucle biker jacket is seriously cool, and would probably go nicely over the knit sheath dress. Interesting line, but I am betting they don’t ship to the US.

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