Isabel Marant Takes London

Isabel Marant London Dinner And Party

So, picking up where we left off with a cliff hanger promise… Party number two on that chilly Thursday evening was hosted by none other than Isabel Marant. And it started at 11pm which, for a fash bash, is pretty wild in itself. And who was it that kept us out on the town until silly o’clock? None other than Isabel Marant who made a whirlwind trip to London to toast the unveiling of her long awaited Mayfair boutiques and remind us quite how well Parisiennes know how to party.

Isabel Marant London Dinner And Party

C’est moi!

I’m sure you’ll argree that Isabel Marant is unequivocally, one of if not THE coolest designer in Paris. The insane fashion feeding frenzy surrounding her H&M collab proved this, as does the even more insane (or totally justified, in the opinion of many including myself) prices they’re fetching in eBay. Marant’s designs simply ooze effortless, give a damn, chicness so it stands to reason that any soirée hosted by the woman herself would be a good one. And it was, oh it was.

Jacquette Wheeler, Isabel Marant & Natalie Massenet

Isabel Marant London Dinner And Party

Tallulah Harlech & Martha Ward

Isabel Marant London Dinner And Party

Arizona Muse

As you might remember from my previous party diary, Nik, Millie, Christian and I had spent the earlier hours of the evening revelling at iconic London department store, Fortnums & Masons. By the time we piled out and were in a taxi tearing through Soho I was so over excited about the possibility of meeting Isabel herself (!) all thoughts of feigning French nonchalance went out the window. My invitation read “Welsh Church” and none of us could work out where the hell the place was. After trooping up and down Shaftesbury Avenue a few times we saw a gaggle of sartorially gifted folk piling into a doorway and knew we’d hit the jackpot. The space itself was, as the name suggested, a gloriously high ceilinged former church that had been transformed into a twinkling, antique furnished den of glamourous iniquity. The cocktails were flowing and the music deafening meaning that in lieu of polite chat we all soon found ourselves on the dancefloor. In between all that dancing (and we did a lot of dancing and, rather embarrassingly, I instigated a dance off on more than one occasion) I was lucky enough to get a bit of face time with the woman of the hour herself who, it has to be said, was utterly lovely. Like many Brits, I have a pathological and largely unfounded fear that any stylish, successful French woman I meet will be intimidating beyond belief and probably mean to me. I’m yet to experience this ever actually being the case, even in fashion. Not only was Isabel charming, she also seemed like a hell of a lot of fun, dancing cigarette in hand looking stylish beyond belief in skinny trousers and a silver sequinned tee.

Isabel Marant London Dinner And Party

Bip Ling & Mary Charteris

Isabel Marant London Dinner And Party

Christian, Me, Millie & Nik

isabel marant ella catliff

Isabel Marant & Me

This was, hands down, one of the best fashion parties I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend… Even if it did leaving me wishing I was French in a pretty major way.

Love Ella. X

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  2. Looks AMAZING! I adore Isabel Marant… have those fringe boots from the H&M collection and love them!

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