J.Crew Regents Street Store Launch


At long, long last J.Crew have finally opened up shop here in Blighty. But I’m sure you already know that. You may even have been among the hoards who queued half way up Regents Street to get your hands on the embellished beauties within and if so, I applaud you. Fashion folk are notorious for cracking open the champers to celebrate the slightest anything but I’m sure you’ll agree, the arrival of one of the most coveted brands on the planet is more than deserving of a knees up.

After a day spent looking at 1920s couture in the Victoria & Albert Museum archive (fascinating but not as glam as it sounds, trust me) and unsuccessfully attempting to get my head around the technicalities of bias cutting I was more than ready to have a little fun although admittedly, that is my default setting. By the time my party pal Maddison Brudenell and I arrived, the vast balloon covered boutique was already packed. Unsurprisingly, the entire industry were in attendance. It was the kind of event where the combined effect of everyone you’ve met being there and there just being a hell of a lot of people made navigating the crowds difficult but such mingle-tastic fun, no one particularly cared. Eventually we managed to navigate our way upstairs where cocktails were being served from a vintage trolley while the J.Crew dream team, Jenna Lyons, Mickey Drexler and Tom Mora held court in the shoe emporium. When a member of the lovely PR team running the show asked if I might be keen to be introduced to Mickey I practically knocked her over in my rush to get there.


In case you didn’t know (unlikely) Mickey Drexler is the retail legend who’s work at Gap during the 90s grew it into the multi billion dollar global label it is today. As for what he’s done at J.Crew, well, the proof is in every Editor’s wardrobe. Naturally I was more than a little nervous about meeting such an industry legend but as is so often the way with the people you find most impressive, Mr Drexler was not only charming but a real laugh too. I then turned around to find none other than Tommy Hilfiger standing behind me looking dapper beyond belief in pinstriped tailoring! After a few minutes dithering I thought, sod it, and said hello. It’s always better to grow a pair and go for it I reckon and of course, Tommy was utterly lovely. Chatting to the man behind one of the most iconic mega brands ever to come out of the USA about his fantastic, surf inspired SS14 collection was a pretty pinch-me-I’m-dreaming experience.

*Mickey Drexler and Jenna Lyons



As I’m sure you can imagine, I could quite happily have stayed sipping champagne amid the divine J.Crew clothes for hours on end but of course, all good must come to an end. We also had more places to be and people to see but that my friends, is a tale for another time.

Love Ella. X


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