Je suis arrivé!

I may have only been in Paris for 2 and a half days so I wouldn’t exactly say I have really got to know the city (YET!). But from the little I do know, I have fallen madly in love with it. Yes of course everyone knows that Paris is beautiful, it goes without saying. And I for one really, REALLY appreciate nice aesthetics and get so excited over lovely buildings, parks etc that it borders on being middle aged. Secretly I may have even thought of Paris it as some sort of magical materialisation of my wildest dreams, haute couture and Kir Royale’s from morning ’till night and the rest (lame I know), but even with my huge expectations of the place, I didn’t quite imagine just how bloody gorgeous it was going to be.


Anyway, I’m sure that you have heard enough about my new found infatuation with Paris and on to a more relevant topic, and the very point of my stay: Fashion…

The journey from London to Paris took some crafty wardrobe planning! Mainly because it was absolutely chucking it down at home and I had, being the sad individual that I am, looked up the weather in Paris (for the whole week, a wardrobe planning necessity) and knew that it was going to be a sweaty 24 degrees. In the end I went for a high-waisted denim mini and white t-shirt combo which proved to be extremely versatile. Layered up with tights, black leather ankle-boots, all-saints wrap cardigan and leather jacket it kept me warm/dry-ish in London. Then I just whipped off the extra layers and added some simple black leather sandals after arriving in Paris.

To celebrate my first friday night in Paris, me and my mum (who came with me for the weekend on the pretence of ‘helping me get set up’ AKA for a shopping bonanza) went to the famous Cafe Flore. I would recommend going there because it really is the ultimate old Parisian Brasserie and the fruit sorbet there was probably the best thing I have ever tasted, but then there are it’s prices… Lets just say, it is probably a one time kind of place.

Again, I seem to be attempting to write my own version of the TimeOut Guide to Paris (which incidentally I did buy at the airport and have found extremely useful). So to get back to the purpose of this blog, here is my ‘wining and dining’ ensemble…

This dress is by YAYA at Urban Outfitters. I love that their stock is made up of lots of different labels, it justifies the higher-than-topshop prices… well, that and the fact that it doesn’t fall apart after 5 minutes… I bought it at the first sign of spring (which admittedly lasted about a day before we were transported back to February courtesy of the awful English weather) and have worn it so much since. Here I toughened it up with black leather accessories which I thought stopped my whole look from being to whimsical and ‘little-girly’.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag is my current pride and joy. I got it last week, after extensive searching on foot and via internet, and have not let it out of my sight since. My theory is if in doubt when purchasing a bag that you want to last longer than just a season or two, always go classic. Chances are you wont be carrying that electric blue number covered with zips in ten years time.I spent the rest of the weekend doing lots of shopping (more on Paris’s AMAZING selection later) and very little culture, exploring the city, eating and drinking extremely well and generally having a good time! Tomorrow, after months of anticipation, I start at Baron Baronne. Providing I can actually get there, that is (le metro is proving to be a bit more confusing than the good old underground)…

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous, but I think this is mainly due to my difficulties with understanding French when speaking with actual French people. They just speak so ridiculously fast!
Anyway, wish me luck…

Love Ella. X

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  1. Chase H says:

    The first “Look Ju Jour” Sometimes I need to start at the beginning and grow from there. I’ve learned so much from this blog. I like it everyday. I hope this will be around for years to come. Thank You Ella.

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