Kipling Bags Hold Stories Competition



Much as I love the idea of a personalised handbag, my experience so far has been that you either have to drop mega bucks on a bespoke piece from the likes of Louis Vuitton or opt for one of those seriously naff plastic numbers with photo insert areas, generally favoured by school girls under the age of thirteen. Well anyone who fancies a spot of customization but lacks the required Birkin bank balance will be happy to hear that good old Kipling are offering a rather more affordable means of getting it dont. Oh and for 5 lucky winners, said one-of-a-kind accessory will be 100% free!

I don’t know about you but personally, I often feel that my handbag is almost an extension of myself. It not only looks chic and holds my essential items, but it also travels everywhere I go, like a fashionable friend who never tires of hearing my chatter or tries to pinch my cigarettes. Kipling clearly agree that your trusty tote is far more than the sum of it’s parts so have decided to launch their latest venture, “Bags hold stories”, enabling customers to have handbags enhanced with their favourite snaps. To celebrate the campaign they’re also holding a competition, challenging anyone who’s interested to upload their picture via the Kipling Facebook page. On December 21st, the 5 best entrants will be rewarded with their very own personalised tote and the opportunity to have their design displayed at the Kipling Brompton Road flagship and Westfield Center stores. I was offered the chance to test drive the service and chose a picture I took in Paris with my two best friends a couple of years ago. It reminds me of one of the best holidays I’ve ever had and will no doubt come in handy when I’m lugging stuff about.


Click here to enter… Good luck!

Love Ella. X

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