La Petite Anglaise 2013: Part II

La Petite Anglaise Ibiza

Picking up where we left off sometime in early June 2013, our sartorial stroll down La Petite Anglaise memory lane continues. I distinctly remember thinking, aged 16 that no Summer could ever be better than the two post GCSE months I spent drinking alcopops, lathering myself in fake tan and enduring people singing Rhianna’s smash hit Umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh, eh) at me at teenage parties while long suffering parents unsuccessfully attempted to exercise some degree of control. Oh how little did I know! Not only had I yet to realise that Bacardi Breezer’s are grim beyond belief and orange streaks are not a good look, but I could never have imagined the levels of off the chart awesome that was Summer 2013.

Ibiza with River Island

La Petite Anglaise Ibiza

La Petite Anglaise Ibiza

Ibiza La Petite Anglaise

As regular La Petite Anglaise readers may remember, London Collections Men SS14 was something of a disaster thanks to being struck down with “acute ulcerative pharyngitis” (basically enormous and incredibly painful mouth ulcers) which left me unable to get out of bed at all for several days. Given that I usually struggle to sit through a film being stationary, nay horizontal, for such an extended period of time was proof that I really wasn’t well at all. Sad though I was to miss the second two days of shows and parties, I was infinitely more worried that I might end up missing the River Island Ibiza trip if, as my Doctor suggested, it would take at least a fortnight to recover. By some miracle (i.e. very strong antibiotics) I bounced back in time to join my fellow fashion travellers for three glorious days of sun, fun and extreme over indulgence. We’re talking burlesque performances over dinner, galavanting over to Formentera on our own private boat and getting seriously pampered at the most divine spa. The only thing I’d change about the experience would be to have put on some suncream, I returned to rainy London looking like a lobster.

Karl in Paris

La Petite Anglaise Karl Lagerfeld

Two words: Karl Lagerfeld. In Paris, I mean, where else? This particular petit excursion was not a “work trip” per se. In fact, it was a jolly girls weekend with some of my female family members that just so happened to coincide with menswear fashion week. I genuinely didn’t plan it that way, promise. Anyway, as I was in town at the exact same time it seemed foolish not to hit up some of the parties. On the first night, my friend Michael and I were sipping champagne at an intimate gathering hosted by Moynat & Port Magazine and who should walk in but Monsieur Lagerfeld! Sacrebleu!

La Petite Anglaise x Louis Vuitton

Ella Catliff La Petite Anglaise


July was certainly a busy month! No sooner was I back from The City Of Light than it was time for another adventure. This time travel was not involved, unless you count the careering around London necessary to shoot at five different locations in little more than five hours. My bordering-on-obsessive adoration for Louis Vuitton is far from a secret so when they approached me to do a shoot for the launch of their Selfridges Shoe Boutique I slightly suspected I was imagining it. See the full feature here.

Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards 2013

Ella Catliff Fashion Blogger

After wrapping the Louis Vuitton shoot, the excitement of that fateful July day was far from over. This year I was honoured and frankly, a little shocked, to be one of five nominees for “Fashion Blogger of the Year” in the first ever Fashion Monitor Journalism awards and the ceremony was that very night! The lovely folk at Louis Vuitton offered to dress me for the occasion and wearing the SS13 collection top-to-toe was nothing short of dreamy. Find out who won what and more goss from the ceremony on La Petite Anglaise here.

24 Hours in Berlin with Timberland



Ella Catliff Berlin

Having shot for Louis Vuitton all day and attended the Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards (and after party, oops) all night, the very next morning I was up at the crack of dawn and off to Berlin. I’d been dying to visit the city forever so when Timberland invited a few of us out to see their installation at Bread and Butter, attend their Berlin Fashion Week bash, eat delicious food and stay in a fancy hotel the only possibly answer was YES! Catch up on everything that went down here.

Company Magazine Shoot

Ella Catliff Company Magazine


In retrospect, July 2013 was seriously fantastic. Actually, it was pretty bloody brilliant at the time but that doesn’t make reminiscing on it any less enjoyable. The week after returning from Berlin I was booked by Company Magazine to do a six page editorial feature for their November Issue. I’ve read Company for as long as I can remember and God knows I love being in front of a camera so the whole thing was my idea of heaven. The experience also went some way towards curing my phobia of baseball caps, they totally work with a ball skirt. See the finished article here and behind-the-scenes here.

La Petite Anglaise x Juicy Couture

Ella Catliff Juicy Couture

Ella Catliff Juicy Couture

If there’s one thing I enjoy more than doing my best Blue Steel it’s hosting a party. Especially when all the boring bits about entertaining (buying food/booze, sorting out the guest list, making a playlist that contains something other than Britney…) are taken care of by an über brand like Juicy Couture. Add to that the fact that co-hosting were two of my fave fellow bloggers and I’m one happy lady! Once again, full party goss here.

Part III coming very soon, it’s the last one don’t worry!

Love Ella. X

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