La Petite New Year’s Fasholutions…

Is there anything in life more dull than New Year’s resolutions? I mean, what’s the fun in vowing to go to the gym everyday, give up smoking or spend your free time learning Mandarin instead of watching Gossip Girl? Nope, as far as I’m concerned, coming up with a stylish set of fasholutions is a far better use of your time. And you never know, some of them might actually last beyond the first week of January…

1) Dress to impress. Always

I’m pretty sure I said something similar this time last year and on the whole I’ve stuck to my self-imposed smart-ish dress code. However there have been occasions on which I’ve ventured out into the world wearing a pyjama top or unintentionally distressed denim only to run into someone I know and like or even worse, someone I know and dislike. This will NOT happen during 2012!

2) Don’t re-wear the same outfit to more than 1 event over the course of (minimum) 3 months

In December I found myself tagged wearing the same dress on two occasions, oh the shame…

3) Stop tweeting about the weather

The same applies to Starbucks and what I had for lunch. It’s not big, clever or remotely interesting to anyone but myself. People will start to “unfollow” me if I’m not careful.

4) Never, EVER choose comfort over style

February Fashion Week is a nightmare in this respect. You want to look chic enough to cause a street style snapper stampede but the temperature’s hovering around zero and your extremities are turning blue. Last year I gave in to the weather and wrapped up in the same wool peacoat coat everyday. This time I’ll be damned if I don’t wear my SS12 buys with pride.

5) Invest in Mulberry

Alexa, Tillie, Evalina… Every season I ogle Mulberry’s beautiful bags yet some tedious detail (i.e phone bills, tube travel, my love of Pinot Grigio) always manages to stop me getting my hands on one. This time I will invest in a Mulberry bag of my own even if I have to sacrifice my social life or live on Pot Noodles for six months to do so!

What fasholutions will you be making this year?

Love Ella. X

One Thought on La Petite New Year’s Fasholutions…

  1. Charmaine Cowland says:

    I'm sticking to all those resolutions too! Accept the mulberry, it don't think a small 16 year old can manage that. Come in handy having friends from China those, copies galore and nobody can tell between my fakes and my mothers reals, woo! Happy New Year!

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