Lets talk about SEX baby…


I apologise in advance if the title of this post is a smidge misleading. I’m not actually about to reinvent myself as a London based version of the original petite anglaise (who I hadn’t heard of when I named my site, just FYI) and start blogging about bedroom antics. The subject of this post is, of course, fashion. I think it’s fair to say that in recent years, dressing fashionably and dressing seductively haven’t always gone hand in hand. Flatforms, midi skirts, Peter Pan collar blouses, cocoon coats, paisley print pyjama bottoms… All recent uber trends that didn’t exactly scream S-E-X. Since the world began to tire of bodycon some time around 2005 (I think?) more and more designers, especially those of the contemporary, independant variety, seem to have opted for androgyny, minimalism, power prints and other less obviously saucy styles instead of in-your-face raunchiness. This season however seems to have ushered in a new appreciation of shameless yet stylish sexiness and no collection conveyed it better than Jonathan Saunders’. For AW13 the talented Scot looked to “pin up girls and porn from the 1950’s” to deliver an array of PVC confections with enough cleavage on display to make more prudish FROW-ers blush. Of course Saunders combined his cinched waists and low necklines with masterful craftsmanship, painstakingly handcrafted fabrics and a healthy dose of cutting edge cool but still the message was clear, sex appeal is back on the sartorial menu. And it wasn’t just Jonathan who vamped things for autumn, in fact far from it. As you may have spotted in my London Fashion Week day 4 diary, one of the boldest hits of kink came from none other than Christopher Bailey who re-imagined the iconic Burberry trench coat in latex of all things! In New York I saw an endless array of short skirts, sheer panelling, peek-a-boo lace and lashings of leather while Prabal Gurung’s military inspired collection had a distinct Miss Whiplash air about it.

From left: Burberry, Prabal Gurung, Jonathan Saunders & Jason Wu AW13

In theory, I’m not the biggest fan of such attire. You’ve no doubt noticed my penchant for all thing blouse related and let’s be honest, frilly pop socks and ditsy floral prints (two of my other favourite things) are probably about as unsexy as it gets. But as is so often the case in life and in fashion, my preconceived notions about what I do and don’t like went straight out the window when I saw on the aformentioned shows. After all, ANTIPODIUM managed to work skater dresses, collars and cardigans into their “Sex, Lies and CCTV” collection! While I’m probably not going to be rocking a high shine corset anytime soon (but hey, never say never) I suspect I’ll be adding a few PVC pieces to my wardrobe come autumn… Will you?

Love Ella. X


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  3. Latex is growing on me, I saw quite a bit in Paris that I’m going to blog about soon… And I liked the latex coats at Felder Felder too.

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