LFW AW14: Day 3 Pt 2


I’m not sure why LFW seems to have been even more back-to-back this season but despite my raging blisters and multiple bruises, I’m not complaining, so many of the shows I was lucky enough to see were seriously excellent. Temperley London was certainly up there with the best of them. After Mulberry’s presentation of the Cara Delevingne collection, Naomi and I legged it for the door, leapt in her car (huzzah friends with cars! Especially those of the chauffeur driven Mercedes variety) and hurtled in the direction of The Savoy. Or rather, we attempted to hurtle but actually just crawled along in hideous traffic getting increasingly stressed out about potentially missing the show. The we took a selfie, and suddenly life didn’t seem half so bad.


Cheeky car #selfie with Naomi Mdudu

My feelings for Temperley London are no secret. I love, adore and covet every deliciously feminine, lace-and-embroidery strewn confection Alice offers up and for AW14, this is perhaps truer than ever. From my front row seat (not that I’m smug or anything) I was afforded an incredible view of an even more incredible collection. A brief glance at the show notes had me worried. “The start of a new and exciting era for Temperley”… a “sexier and savvier” attitude for Winter? But I like the old attitude, I sulked to myself. Luckily my fears were unfounded. While Alice did definitely offer up something fresh the DNA of the collection remained the Princess worthy gorgeousness we all know and love, albeit in a manner that felt like a departure from previous seasons.

Temperley LFW 1

Temperley London AW14 (images via Style.com)

Print, texture and colour had been taken to knew heights for AW14 with mosaic inspired patterns in shades of cobalt, navy and grey adorning immaculately layered ensembles. Light-as-air chiffon was given new depth with the addition of elegant overcoats and wrap around scarves cinched at the waist by neat leather belts. Temperley may be renowned for her gowns but this collection proved she cuts a dashing separate with the best of them. And dashing those separates most certainly were. In fact I’d go so far to say they had a dandyish quality that appeared through smoking jacket esque quilted coverups layered over immaculately tailored, flared hem dress coats. Indeed, there was an air of opulence than conjured up thoughts of English country houses and velvet slipper clad aristocratic old Gentlemen. As for the dresses – because of course there were dresses – those were positively regal. Were talking ornate florals on silk in sumptuous shades of ochre and rose, semi sheer, billowing skirting and endlessly delectable thigh skimming hemlines styled with OTK boots in stoke-me-now suede. It was, as the show notes claimed, “funkier” and “very wearable” but in a way that was inimitably Temperley London.

Temperley LFW 2

Temperley London AW14 (images via Style.com)

Next up, another attempted high speed dash over to the Tate Modern for Topshop UNIQUE. We arrived to be greeted by a mob of paparazzi, street style photographers and regular folk, unsurprising really since this show always boasts one of the most celeb-tastic FROWS on the schedule. Once inside I got stuck into a champagne-and-catch-up sesh with rainbow haired babe Chloe Norgaard and the lovely Amber Atherton while surreptitiously keeping my eyes peeled for Kate Moss or Harry Styles. Naturally they were both in attendance, as well as everyone from Chelsea Leyland to Anne Wintour (presumably recovered from her Newcastle ordeal by this point). And the show it’s self? I wasn’t expecting to, but I loved it. Don’t get me wrong I heart toppers as much as the next girl but feared their catwalk offerings might err on the side of nineties/sports/grunge/rave and therefore not be my cup of tea. Admittedly there were hints of all the above but in a was that was, for want of a better word, downright good. Oversized outerwear played proportion distortion with shrunken knits and flared hems.

Topshop LFW 1

Topshop UNIQUE AW14 (images via Style.com)

Embroidered mesh and utility (well, ish) puffa jackets sat alongside glossy olive green and butterscotch leathers, delicate lemon yellow numbers with embroidered collars and hazy hibiscus florals. There was a distinct 3.1 Phillip Lim AW12 vibe which could never be a bad thing. Standout pieces included one fabulous python print trench and an array of patchwork faux furs I need in my wardrobe, like, yesterday. It’s also worth noting the amount of blue looks on the catwalk, evidently the colour to be seen in come AW14.

topshop LFW 2

Topshop UNIQ AW13 (images via Style.com)

Two shows left to go but bear with me mon amies, they were good’uns. After a quick gossip with Betty Autier – mega blogger, mega babe and one of the ladies I’ll be going on an insanely exciting trip to Paris with next month… Watch this space – I decided to leg it home for a quick outfit change before the evening.


With Betty Autier at Topshop UNIQUE

Walking in precisely the wrong direction for the best part of half an hour left me all of ten minutes to slip into my Matthew Williamson number (so, so divine, can’t wait to show you properly!) and order an Uber. No way José was I going to risk missing my penultimate show, the ever inspiring Mary Katrantzou. Mary’s shows are always a seriously hot ticket and this season was no different. The FROW played host to everyone from Miroslava Duma and Olivia Palermo to Natalie Massenet, Anna Wintour and just about every other fash pack big hitter you could imagine. Was was rather different this season however, was the collection. I don’t need to tell you that Katrantzou made her name with mesmerising digital prints and sculptural shapes which have since become her trademark. But did those kind of looks flood her AW14 runway? Nope, not even one. It takes a brave designer to eschew the stylistic motif that has made her one of the most coveted in the world but in Mary’s case it paid off. Big time.

Mary Katrantzou LFW

Mary Katrantzou AW14 (images via Style.com)

Somewhat paradoxically, the collection that saw Mary Katrantzou move away from the prints and silhouettes that have become symbolic of her label drew its inspiration from the language of symbols. The uniforms of scouts, butchers, city boys and even construction workers were translated into sleek, long line shapes, asymmetric pleats and masterful layering adorned with intricate laces, painstakingly detailed embroidery, shimmying metallic chainmail, brocades and appliqué. As you might have guessed, texture was both key here. Between the razor sharp laser cutting, embellished fur sweatshirts(!) and silver jacquard tailoring the whole thing was both exquisite and a mind boggling feat of design innovation. It was a bold more for Mary Katrantzou but one hell of a smart one.

Mary 2 LFW

Mary Katrantzou AW14 (images via Style.com)

My final show on LFW day 3 was Matthew Williamson. Yep, day three was a great one for me. So many of my favourite labels showing within the space of ten hours not least the ever wonderful Williamson. As a lover of all things glittery, girly and eye poppingly bright it’s not exactly a shocker that I heart his work. The show notes promised a reimagining of “the optimism and high glamour of the 1970s” and boy, did Matthew Williamson deliver.

Matthew Williamson LFW

Matthew Williamson AW14 (images via Style.com)

This season also saw a new found emphasis on tailoring and day wear in the form of chicly tailored coats, separates and shift dresses. Of course, this being Williamson, they came covered in jazzy graphic prints and embellishment, after all, why sacrifice sparkle for the office? I felt this collection particularly showcased Matthew’s knack with fabric. From the brocade tapestry’s to the sumptuous crystal appliqué sweaters to the gleaming metallics and sequin showers that formed the finale, it was a delectable combination of look-at-me exuberance and flawless quality. On the subject of said finale, oh it was excellent. We’re talking Ostrich feathers, purple furs, multi coloured star motifs and an A-MAZING glittering floor sweeper that matched the black and white striped runway. The mood was a celebratory one and, as his AW14 offerings prove, Matthew Williamson has a lot to celebrate.

Matthew Williamson LFW 2


Matthew Williamson AW14 (images via Style.com)

I left the venue feeling uplifted by the show, not to mention the splendid seven I’d attended before that, and leapt in a car to Soho House for a girly dinner with Serena and Millie to fuel up for a long night of parties.

Love Ella. X

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