Liberty Print High Tops Take 2

Liberty London X Nike

As you all know oh-so-well, I don’t do trainers. I don’t care if Isabel Marant made them and Gisele wore them. I don’t care if they’re leather, studded, Swarovski encrusted or made from solid gold, they’re just not my cup of tea. Or at least, they weren’t until Liberty London teamed up with Nike to create their sell-out floral confections. This sudden change of heart took many of my nearest and dearest by surprise and to some extent, I too wondered if I’d simply succumbed to the fact that wedge high tops were topping the wish lists of style setters worldwide. There’s also an arguement that if you covered anything in Liberty print I’d want it and after resisting the temptation to invest in Liberty and Nike’s first collaboration this Summer, I began to believe this to be the case. Well, now the match made in fashion heaven has returned for round 2 and I quite possibly love with their second batch even more. On paper, vintage look ditsy prints and sportswear are absolute style blasphemy but somehow I can’t help but feel these just work.


Liberty Print high tops

Liberty print high tops, fashion “do” or fashion “boo”, what do you reckon?

Love Ella.

Ps) If you like ’em and have cash to splash, they’re available for £95 online at but hop to it because they’re bound to sell out fast.

3 Thoughts on Liberty Print High Tops Take 2

  1. Andrea says:

    Quiero comprar un par de estas zapatillas decirme donde y como por faaaaaaaaaaa, graciasss

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  3. It’s strange, I’m usually a clear Yes or No girl when it comes to style but these are growing on me…..

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