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As those of you who frequent twitter, facebook and fashion blogs may already know, this Summer Swarovski’s hot, new little sister brand lola&grace embarked on a tour of Europe’s coolest cities. So far lola&grace have partied in Berlin and soaked up culture in Prague bloggingtweeting and pinning all the way. Last week they arrived in the Italian fashion capital for a few days of indulging in Milan’s endless gastronimical and sartorial delights. Here are a few choice snaps of their favourite Milanese destinations from the trip…

Naviglio Grande
Resturants, clubs and live music all along the canals, this is probably the liveliest district in Milano.


Wait and See
Via Santa Marta 14, Milano
‘La vita è bella’ is their slogan and this eclectic boutique sells some of the best young brands in Milano.


Via Felice Casati 27, Milano.
Stylish and tasty a great place to have a chilled Italian breakfast, check your emails or just hang out till it’s aperitivo time.


Personally these pics leave me green with city break envy and I can imagine they probably have a similar effect on you. If you fancy joining lola&grace at their next oh-so-stylish destination follow the clues on their Facebook page to guess where’s next and maybe win a clued up city break ok your own…

Love Ella. X

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