London Fashion Week AW17 Pt.1

London Fashion Week AW17, Ella Catliff, La Petite Anglaise, Mercedes

Me, Bonnie & Lorna with our beloved Mercedes G Wagen
Image by Jay McLaughlin

And so another London Fashion Week has come and gone, I’ve probably couldn’t tell you how many I’ve done now. What I can tell you however, is that AW17 was one of my all time favourite seasons. And not entirely because of the clothes, although they too were awesome. As you might have spotted on my instagram, I spent LFW zooming around in a Mercedes G Wagen with Lorna, Bonnie and Phil, and it was the most fun EVER!!!

I wore: Charlotte Simone coat, Sister Jane skirt, Whistles sweater, Alberta Ferretti bag, Agent Provocateur shoes & Wildfox sunglasses
Image by Jay McLaughlin

We were wined and dined at divine restaurants like Sexy Fish (new fave place, you must check it out!), sat together on multiple FROWS, did carpool karaoke in our badass ride, hit up the parties en masse at night and even hosted one of our own… It was so much fun doing fashion week in a squad because being completely honest, it can actually be a pretty lonely experience for alone. Obviously the shows are still great in a team of one, and after being in the game for as long as I have now (gahhh I’m getting old) it’s not as if I don’t know everyone but it’s not the same at all.

After a couple of slightly dodgy seasons marred by illness, I decided to only do London this time. So I was on an absolute mission to nail my looks, nail my work, make the most of every opportunity going and also really enjoy the shows. Therefore I needed to start with a standout ensemble, queue matchy matchy black PVC and powder blue shearling c/o Sister Jane and Charlotte Simone. Then I added some similarly pepperminted Wildfox sunglasses into the mix too, plus a pair of silky Agent Provocateur mules adorned with fur pompoms. The gorgeous latter are uncomfortable AF, deeply impractical and definitely not designed to be worn outside the boudoir but I trot them around town on the regular because #YOLO. I am very sad to say that my evening look on Day 1 didn’t get adequately documented. This is such a shame because the high necked, lace and tulle, navy Victoriana extravaganza I borrowed from Three Floor for my dear friend Victoria Ceridono’s dinner with Eyeko was a dream. You can however spot it over on Facebook here.

I wore: Markus Lupfer SS17 sweater & shorts, Kat Maconie boots, TL-180 bag
Image by Andrew Vowle

London Fashion Week AW17 Day 2 was a similarly double ensemble affair which began with a bee covered Markus Lupfer SS17 number for my first few shows. I changed at some point during the aforementioned lunch at Sexy Fish… Into an Agent Provocateur slip and which high boots which may or may not have been appropriate 4pm attire but we’d had enough champagne by that point for me to no longer feel fully responsible for my sartorial decisions… But let’s move on from the perils of midday drinking and get back to this outfit, Markus Lupfer and his divine AW17 collection.

Markus Lupfer is a designer I absolutely adore and have spent the past few years amassing as many of his gorgeous pieces as physically/financially possible. The most recent addition to my collection is a matching moody floral dress n’ bomber situation in chiffon, I’ll be plastering it all over the blog and my socials very soon, you know how much I adore a good co-ord. Markus’ collections seem to get stronger by the season and AW17 was an absolute dream. Think winter blooms came sequinned, embellished or woven into glimmering silk jacquards in shades of emerald, navy, black and burgundy. Rich heritage fabrics were combined with embroidered sheer chiffon, sporty detailing and explosions of neon bright. Who would have thought glitter leggings and boyish footwear would be a match made in heaven? Few but Markus, and he was oh so right.

A few other collections I really loved over the first couple days of London Fashion Week AW17 were Eudon Choi, Charlotte Simone and Julien Macdonald.

As discussed in my most recent Look Du Jour post, Eudon Choi borrowed from the boys for AW17. Think oversized tailoring and androgynous footwear, kept elegant by with fluid silks, sculptural layering and silhouettes cinched in all the right places. Eudon is a genius at concocting collections that strike the perfect balance between catwalk conceptual and everyday wearable, this season in a palette of subtly luxurious neutrals interspersed with hits of teal, orange and olive green.

Like basically everyone ever, I love love LOVE Charlotte Simone!! There’s nothing like wearing technicolour fluff to make life that bit more joyful. For AW17 Charlotte teamed up with sneakers supremo Superga resulting in a delicious array of pom pom sneakers and fur lined mules in shades of candy pink and lavender, sitting pretty alongside teddy bear backpacks and fuzzy collared patent leathers.

For AW17 Julien Macdonald did what he does best, serving up an all metallic, darkly shimmering collection that oozed high octane glamour and sex appeal a’plenty underpinned by extraordinary craftsmanship. I mean, just how can a precarious looking, barely there spider web of sequins, beading, feathers possibly stay on the body at a catwalk strut!? Julien knows, I certainly bloody don’t. With dramatic cutaways showcasing hips as the new erogenous zone, these frocks definitely require a gym membership to wear. Expect to see them smouldering on red carpets very soon, most likely worn by Emily Ratajkowski, I’m into it.

More London Fashion Week AW17 coming soon!

Love Ella. X