London Fashion Week Mens AW17

London Fashion Week Mens AW17

Holy hell, how is it fashion week time already? Ok, London Fashion Week Mens, not the full womenswear month long multi continent marathon just yet… But that is approaching scarily soon mes amies, terrifying exciting stuff! Given that menswear isn’t really my forte, I decided not to do much over LFWM AW17 but obviously couldn’t resist getting suited and booted to hit up a couple of shows… Any excuse to dress up and prance around drinking champagne in the middle of the afternoon eh!

The first morning of London Fashion Week Mens AW17 dawned sunny and bright in that gloriously crisp way you wish would be the case throughout Winter but inevitably isn’t. This was extremely lucky for foolish, non forecast checking me because I was planning on rocking the Russell & Bromley red suede OTK boots I’m almost worryingly obsessed with atm. And as we all know, rain and suede are not exactly the best of friends. You know when you’re really, really excited about an outfit you’ve planned? That was definitely the case with this one. At the risk of sounding lame AF, I mentally concocted this outfit back before Christmas but felt that it was so damn good I needed to wait for a suitably fab (and, being honest, photographed) occasion to wear it. So when LFWM rolled around I thought AH HA! Now is my moment.

As I talked about a LOT in my most recent Look Du Jour, this Carven coat is my pride and joy and was my “big purchase” of the season. I’ve worn it so much over the past month that the pocket lining has started to wear through and I keep having to retrieve my keys from random places inside it using a combination of long pointy objects and grim determination. During the winter fashion weeks, statement outerwear is the saviour of anyone who wants to stand out but doesn’t fancy getting pneumonia… Admittedly tights might have helped too in that respect, especially given how teeny my Clueless inspired Juicy Couture miniskirt was. But the combo just worked so much better without 80 deniers so I decided that having a chilly ass all day was a worthwhile sacrifice.

I wore: Carven coat, Banana Republic sweater, Juicy Couture skirt, Russell & Bromley boots, Mulberry bag and Fendi sunglasses

When I told you that I “didn’t do much” over London Fashion Week Mens AW17 that was no exaggeration! In lieu of shows and parties, my weekend (AKA days 2 & 3) consisted of dull-but-necessary work, panic inducing/highly confusing tax related stuff and packing half the contents of my flat into cardboard boxes. Anyway, on Monday morning I returned to LFWM for the Belstaff presentation and was lucky enough to be dressed in one of their iconic jackets for the occasion which was an absolute DREAM… A buttersoft black leather dream I wish would never have ended.

Earlier in this post I said something along the lines of statement outerwear being the crucial component of dressing for winter fashion weeks. On reflection I’d say that boots are definitely a contender, especially if the fashion week in question takes place in London during January. These gorgeous green Crocodile boots by iconic Italian brand, Pollini, have been firm favourites of mine for several years now. They go with just about everything and make any look instantly more polished. Combined with the Belstaff leather, I felt there was some serious slickness going on in this ensemble!

I wore: Belstaff jacket, Topshop sweater, Maison Kitsune skirt, Pollini boots, Bulgari Bag and Dior sunglasses

London Fashion Week Mens AW17 Ella Catliff

So, what do you think of my London Fashion Week Mens AW17 looks? And are you excited for the women’s shows?

Love Ella. X