Look Du Jour: Favourite Colour

look du jour, favourite colour, ella catliff, la petite anglaise

What: Maje jacket & bag, Urban Outfitters dress, H&M glittery poloneck, COS socks, Rebecca Minkoff boots, Le Specs sunglasses

Where: Dinner & drinks in Kensington, London

As we get older, grow up and grow as humans, have new experiences and generally do life, the likelihood is that our opinions, passions and preferences will change. The same usually goes for our aesthetic tastes and personal style. In case that first sentence gave the impression this post was going to be philosophical and self reflective, it is not. I was pretty much building up to say that for me, one of the few things that has remained consistent is my favourite colour. Not exactly deep stuff I know but given the unpredictability of pretty much everything else, being able to consistently rely on the fact that you bloody love all things green is actually quite comforting tbh…

look du jour, favourite colour, green, ella catliff, la petite anglaise

Through my many childhood and teenage phases – tomboy, Avril Levigne inspired Sk8ter girl, polo clad public school tool, wannabe WAG, preppy princess etc etc – green has always remained the shade I adore above all else… And, being totally honest, think suits me best. As you definitely know (gah I feel like a broken record, sorry!) when I like something, I really like it and can’t resist indulging to a degree that I’ve only finally started to accept can often be is straight up excessive. However on this occasion major progress was made in that respect, which explains why I don’t look full goblin here… Or at least, I hope not.

look du jour, favourite colour, green, ella catliff, la petite anglaise

Yup, major progress, bear with me on this. My ingeniously trans-seasonal sundress (more on that later) is a gorgeous shade of green, as are the glittery poloneck I layered under it and almost matching socks I couldn’t resist adding into the mix. So inevitably my inclination was to pair them with my beloved forest hued Whistles duffel coat, emerald Bulgari shoulder bag and some form of also green footwear. I initially got dressed in all of the above, plus sunglasses of a very similar shade FFS. But on this rare occasion I decided to ignore my natural instincts and avoid looking like a cartoon character by tempering the green-on-green-on-green with glossy black leather… Maybe the whole “moderation” thing isn’t such a terrible idea after all.

ella catliff, la petite anglaise, look du jour, favourite thing, green

Anyway, my Urban Outfitters dress is technically a summer number that I panic purchased at some point one sweltering July afternoon. If I remember correctly, there had been an organisational cock up which resulted in my having no time to go home and change but I felt too gross and sticky to stay in the outfit I’d been wearing all day for whatever I was doing that evening. And do you know what? That randomly acquired, inexpensive frock turned out to be a something I wore constantly through summer and then autumn and now winter too. While we’re on the subject, I’ve been considering doing a post about making spring/summer pieces work now, what do you reckon? Often I want to keep wearing certain items of clothing I love regardless of whether it’s the season they’re designed for. At the same time, it’s now late January so the SS17 collections are starting to arrive in stores and I, for one, want to start wearing them now despite the fact it’s bloody freezing so how to do that is a conundrum… Let me know whether you’d enjoy a post about that.

Back to this outfit, the sparkly poloneck is an H&M Collection dream which made my little floral dress both winter and evening appropriate. You’ve most likely seen this Rebecca MInkoff footwear situ many times by now, it’s my go to. Rebecca is amazing, utterly lovely, incredibly inspiring and someone I massively respect. Not to mention, a designer whose pieces I adore and wear at every possible opportunity. These babies are literally the ultimate, wear-everywhere, black ankle boots. And I have definitely worn them E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. My tassled bag and biker are by Maje, another of my favourite labels, whose jackets, accessories and leather pieces I’d highly recommend investing in. Compared to most high end high street and contemporary brands their prices are pretty reasonable, especially considering the quality you’re getting.

Irebecca mink off, ella catliff

So in conclusion, green is great. And glittery socks make everything better… But, on a very slightly more serious note, what do you think of this look? And was opting for black leather finishing touches rather than piling on more of my favourite colour the right call?

Love Ella. X