Look Du Jour: Gilded


What: Dress: Alice by Temperley, Sandals: Topshop, Necklace: Anne Bowes Jewellery.

Where: Karl Lagerfeld Party at Selfridges.

If ever there were an occasion that required a truly fabulous outfit, a soiree with Karl Lagerfeld on Selfridges rooftop terrace is definitely it. After recovering from the initital over excitement at receiving an invitation to this particular event, I naturally went straight into outfit panic mode. I mean, much as I love my extensive collection of party frocks and chiffon blouses, when you’re partying with editors and A listers a well-worn topshop number doesn’t quite cut it. Thanks to my spendaholic ways and limited budget, I can’t afford to pick up a catwalk fresh designer number for every fash bash I attend so I borrowed this beautiful gilded print cocktail dress from Temperley’s dreamy sample closet. As you might remember my post a few weeks ago, I’m criminally obsessed with Temperley’s Pre Fall 2012 collection and this particular look has got to be one of the best. Sadly I’ll have to return it to it’s rightful owners pretty soon but for now it’s taking pride of place in my bedroom and frankly, I’m enjoying just looking at it!

Love Ella. X

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  1. Taffeta Ramblings

    This is a simply gorgeous dress & you look stunning in it. green with envy at the thought of being allowed into the sample closet! xxx


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