Look Du Jour: Gossip Girl

gossip girl

Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn December 13_003

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gossip girl

gossip girl

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gossip girl

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What: Coat by A.P.C, Jumper by Pure Collection (c/o), Vintage Laura Ashley kilt, Cambridge Satchel Company personalised satchel (c/o), Knee high socks from H&M, Anne Bowes Jewellery Bambi necklace & Monk Shoes by Oliver Sweeney

Where: Meetings in London

I’m not embarrassed to say that I used to be shamelessly obsessed with Gossip Girl. If the show was still going, or books still being released (yes, it started as a book series!) then I’d no doubt still be fixated. As they’re not I have to make do with occasional rerun marathons and not-so-occasional attempts to recreate Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe. I think the unadulterated passion I feel for New York probably has its roots in reading and rereading the Gossip Girl books endlessly as a teenager. The picture they painted of a city bursting with style, scandal, glamour and debauchery was intoxicating and, having spent quite a bit of time there over the past couple of years, in many ways fairly accurate. But the subject of this Look Du Jour isn’t cocktails at The Standard or shopping sprees at Bergdorf’s. No, it’s the perfectly, playfully preppy attire rocked by Queen B and her minions. Or at least, my rather less glossy take on it. I’ve had this vintage Laura Ashley kilt for absolute years and, given that it cost something like £15, on a cost per wear basis it’s proved a major investment. The A.P.C peacoat is also a hard working piece, although admittedly cost rather more than £15. As for the satchel, it was a lovely present for the kind folk at Cambridge Satchel Company who obviously knew I go weak at the knees for anything personalised. Then I added knee high socks because, well, I just couldn’t not, right? I suspect the overall effect was more Catholic School Girl than Park Avenue Princess but I still thoroughly enjoyed it, even if my legs went a bit purple.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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  1. Amna

    Was looking for pictures of the mini satchel and stumbled upon your site! Love the Blair-Waldorf-looking outfit, and you pull off the satchel pretty perfectly!


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  3. Charlotte

    I love your site, you are too cute and your style is fab. I would be honoured it you took a look at my fashion blog xx



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