Look Du Jour: Like A Diamond






Images by Lea Salomon

What: Playsuit: Warehouse (c/o), Blazer: Whistles, Shoes: Isabel Marant, Ring & Clutch: Swarovski (c/o), Lipstick: Laura Mercier.

Where: Warehouse Summer Party, Hoxton.

Apologies for the truly rubbish post title. I spent the best part of forty five minutes racking my brains for ideas as to what to call this look and having vetoed “twinkle twinkle” and “summer sparkle” for being lame beyond belief, poaching a lyric from Rihanna seemed like my best bet. Plus, while I wasn’t actually diamond clad, you can’t deny my ensemble involved a fair bit of bling. On Wednesday, high street fashion giant Warehouse decided to toast the arrival of Summer (my fellow Londoners will no doubt be scoffing into their English Breakfast tea right now… it’s been freezing) with an extravagant bash in Hoxton. They kindly invited me to pick out an outfit for the occasion and naturally I opted for the sparkliest little number they had. Paired with an equally shimmery Swarovski clutch and cocktail ring, a black Whistles blazer and my trusty Isabel Marants it was perhaps not the most East London appropriate outfit ever. But I did feel pretty glam.

Love Ella. X


2 thoughts on “Look Du Jour: Like A Diamond

  1. Finally tights again! Girl, nothing gives you such a good look like tights. Do wear them more often! By the way, I love your blog and your outfits. You should add them more frequently…

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