Look Du Jour: Midst of Mist

look du jour, mist, ella catliff, la petite anglaise

What: Carven leopard print coat, Markus Lupfer sweater, Pinko skirt, Russell and Bromley boots, Aspinal bag, Ferragamo sunglasses

Where: Christmas shopping in London

Nothing like a misty morning, am I right? There is something really quite magical about waking up and looking out of the window to find the world shrouded in thick white mist. It definitely beats being stirred from your slumber by pissing rain anyway! I give it maybe two days max until I’m fully O-V-E-R winter weather and resume the time tested British pastime of complaining about it. Right now though, rain related moaning is the last thing on my mind thanks to this glorious coat… And every other element of this outfit because I’m not so mildly obsessed with it.

Oh I love clothes and their ability to put a spring in my step and a smile on my face… SO DAMN MUCH! Obviously there are much more important things in life and while a banging dress might make you feel confident, it can’t actually make you truly fulfilled or happy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of enjoyment out of what you’re wearing, I definitely did out of this ensemble. The Carven coat was my “big buy” this season, albeit an entirely spontaneous one made in between the hairdresser, Carluccios and The Fashion Awards… And possibly after a glass or two of champagne. Along with everyone else, I fell hard for Carven when Guillaume Henry took over and catapulted the historic brand from forgotten Parisian maison to industry obsession. Since Henry’s moved to Nina Ricci it’s fallen a little under the radar but that shouldn’t last for long because, as I learned from my long overdue trip to their South Ken boutique, the clothes are on point RN. If I could I would have bought every single piece! Sadly that wasn’t an option, even if I’d decided to prioritise having a Carven-ed out wardrobe over all else and empty my bank account, which was very tempting. Luckily I managed not to do that. Leaving with this leopard print faux fur and patent leather dream still had the spring in step/smile on face effect and does every time I wear it.

To give a quick run down of the rest, I hoard Markus Lupfer jumpers (well, Markus Lupfer everything tbh) like a maniac and this chilli pepper beauty is a current fave. This skirt it by Pinko who I’m having a major love affair with at the moment. How did it take me so long to fall for the quintessential Italian brand!? The Aspinal bag has been a constant companion over the past few weeks thanks to its perfect small-but-still-fits-stuff size and delectable merlot hue. As for the boots, I’ve already waxed lyrical about them here.

Please excuse the chronically awful hair day I was having when these photos were taken. My currently green tinged ‘do is great normally I promise! Despite the shade my father, boyfriend and brother have consistently given me about it I’m thoroughly enjoying mixing it up with different shades after years of the same. What the hell do they know anyway! Considering midnight blue next, what do you think? And do you like this outfit?

Love Ella. X