Look Du Jour: Neon Dreaming



What: Warehouse shirt (c/o), J.Crew skirt & necklace, Alberta Ferretti bag (c/o) & Sophia Webster for Net-a-Porter shoes (c/o)

Where: Sophia Webster for J.Crew Launch Party, London.

If you asked me what my favourite sunny season colour palette is, answering would be very easy. It’s pastels of course, pastels plain and simple. There’s always been something about peppermint greens, butter yellows, ballerina pinks and palma violet purples that can’t fail to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. But of late, I’ve been increasingly gravitating towards neon. Perhaps it was my beloved cerulean Kate Spade coat that swung it. After all, that’s certainly not pastel. Or perhaps I’m just feeling a little wild in my old age, 23 next month people! Whatever the reason you cannot that deny neon packs one hell of a punch. But, my friends, it can be a risky business. Too much neon and you’ll look like a nineties raver – N.B nineties Beverly Hills high school senior AKA Cher Horowitz = chic, ninties ‘beefa raver = urgh – a teenager celebrating their post GCSE summer or a human highlighter. Just the right amount, however, and you’re on the money. As a lover of all things bright, bright, BRIGHT, I have to work hard not to go overboard when I decide to rock a bit of neon. I’ve found the best way is to unashamedly combine a couple of eye popping pieces with something grounding like natural cotton, crisp shirting or that trusty staple, denim. Having toned down my yellow-on-crack J.Crew skirt with a sensible indigo shirt I then piled on some bling, hot pink lipstick and accessorised with pastels. I think this kept things just the right side of offensive. What do you reckon?



Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn May 14_008 (1)

Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn May 14_004 (1)

Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn May 14_007 (1)



neon J.Crew

neon Sophia Webster

Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn May 14_011

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

2 Thoughts on Look Du Jour: Neon Dreaming

  1. Lola Byatt says:

    a few seasons back, acne had this neon fluffy jumper and that converted me to a lover of neons! your outfit looks perrrrfect with the sophia webster shoes, i bought them earlier this year but they were too small for my feet and the size up were sold out at the time, i never got round to checking to see if theyw ere restocked, no doubt they will be but spent the money on other summer things xxx

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