Look Du Jour: Picnicking


What: Cath Kidston Autumn Bloom big leather trim tote bag (click here to buy), People Tree gingham sundress (similar here), Gap wedges (similar here) & Wildfox sunglasses (available here) (all c/o), necklace by Anne Bowes Jewellery & rings by Aamaya by Priyanka (available here)

Where: Picnic in Holland Park, Kensington.

Can you believe that summer is basically over?! I swear just yesterday it was rainy-sunny-rainy-again May and I was counting down the hours until my thesis was submitted and I had months and months of glorious summery relaxation ahead of me… HA! Whatever the season, I always find that there are a million and one lovely things I want to do but somehow the time ends up rushing by in a manic, albeit fabulously so, blur and basically none of them happen. Last Winter, I didn’t even manage to go ice skating at Somerset House for God’s sake. Well, while I haven’t yet swum in the Serpentine, lounged all afternoon on Shoreditch House rooftop, been to an outdoor film screening or gone for a leisurely bike ride this summer, I have managed to have a couple of picnics. In my experience there are four utterly essential ingredients for a successful picnic. The first is decent weather. No one wants to find themselves washed away in a soggy sea of spilt Pimms, semi disintegrated sandwiches and strawberries that have dissolved into an oozing red mess that makes the whole thing start to resemble a scene from a low budget horror film. The others are location, food and most importantly, outfit. Nothing uncomfortable, tight or made from fabric that is either man made or dry clean only. And when it comes to the handbag you need something that looks good but can take a battering, won’t discolour at the first hint of moisture (the grass never really dries out in England) and can fit all the assorted crap you need to carry with you. Since Cath Kidston – surely the most picnic friendly brand on the planet – invited me to collaborate with them on their tote bag launch project this new season floral number has been my picnicking companion. I’ve picnicked with many a leather shoulder bag, an ill advised clutch and several hampers but this baby has served the purpose best. Paired with a gingham frock (ultimate picnic dress, am I right?) and walk-able wedges I felt like some sort of chic 50’s housewife, an effect that may have been ruined by the fact I was clutching a Venti Starbucks iced latte with “Alex” scribbled across it – how you get that from “Ella” I don’t know – in black marker pen and manically answering emails as I strolled to Holland Park for this particular picnic.

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

cath kidston picnic tote ella catliff

As I mentioned, Cath Kidston have just launched their latest collection of super cute tote bags big and small, soon to be accompanied by an exhibition in their Piccadilly store. If you happen to be in the area between August 22nd and September 5th, do pop in and see a GIANT picture of me toting my tote! And tell us which you prefer, #totesbig or #totessmall…

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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  1. J says:

    I used to sincerely enjoy checking your blog and seeing your coverage of fashion events. However, now it seems like your posts are made simply to shill and post rewardstyle links, which your readers don’t know are monetization tools to earn you money. Perhaps we could see an outfit du jour in the future that’s made entirely of your own (not c/o) clothes? Right now, here isn’t a discernible sense of originality or dignity to your blog.

    • Ella Catliff says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate any feedback and I’m so sorry to hear that you feel this way. I haven’t been attending that many fashion events to write about recently as I’ve been travelling a lot and trying to spend time with my family in between but rest assured, there will be many more coming from next month. The second part of your comment really saddens me as the last thing I would ever, EVER do would be to mislead my readers or appear to post purely with the intention of monetization through rewardStyle links or anything else. Everything you see on LPA is there because I genuinely love it, wear it and want to share it. I’ve always thought that perhaps the reason many readers come to LPA is because they like my style or feel it’s similar to their own so I include links to products in my posts to offer readers the chance to recreate outfits or buy any pieces they particularly love. You’re totally right, some of these are rewardStyle but without the possibility of generating revenue through means such as affiliate programmes and collaborative projects I wouldn’t be able to continue producing the content that I hope lots of you guys enjoy. I don’t feel this compromises the integrity of what I’m posting as only featuring products and brands that I genuinely endorse, regardless of whether there is or as is usually the case is not, any sort of monetary incentive as you can see through my “Introducing” posts, interviews, features, opinion pieces and fashion week diaries to name a few. I disclose when I’ve been given products (c/o) because I want to be transparent about that and I’m very aware of how lucky I am to be in this position. I am so grateful to all my readers for enabling to do something I enjoy so much and really hope that you can see how much time, energy and love I put into this blog and keep reading it. Ella x

  2. kizi says:

    Awesome look, love the dress and bag.

  3. Lola Byatt says:

    ahh it all makes sense now, there was a #totesbig thing going on on instagram and i hadn’t the slightest clue. hehe

    ohhhh picnics <3 I think i must have said that for this summer (didn't happen) and probs last summer too, I'm always making a long list of plans for each season, i never get anything done.

    your gingham dress is SO cute, it is definitely picnic friendly, totes amaze

  4. Holly says:

    Such a cute dress! I really dont want the summer to end haha x
    Holly x


  5. Caterina says:

    I do understand you when you say that summer is almost over and you haven’t done so many things planned so far. I feel the same.

    By the way, really nice post, it’s lovely to see this English habit of having picnic as a social event(: I agree that a big bag is essential.

    xx from Italy

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