Look Du Jour: Preppy In Purple

Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Outfit 1 Oct 13_002


Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Outfit 1 Oct 13_009


preppy purple

preppy penelope chilvers

Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Outfit 1 Oct 13_011


What: Preppy Boucle Jacket by J.Crew, Purple Jeans by Hudson Jeans, Bespoke Dandy Slippers by Penelope Chilvers (all c/o) Poloneck jumper by Gap, iPhone Case by Kate Spade New York & Bag by Oliver Bonas

Where: Hair Appointment & Meetings in London

You know my new ‘do? Well, this was the outfit I wore to Trevor Sorbie the day it happened. I’m going to level with you, I didn’t intend to come out with aubergine tinged locks but once I did, I realised how perfectly the matched my outfit. This got me thinking about the power of clothes. A great outfit can make you feel like Miranda Kerr fresh from a fortnight of yoga and kale smoothies. The job, the man, the last free seat on the tube, you can have and/or do whatever you desire thanks to your sheer unadulterated fabulousness. A not-so-great outfit however, has the power to render even the most self assured among us a wreck and this is something I can very much identify with at the moment. Generally speaking I take ten minutes max to get ready for every occasion from lectures to awards ceremonies but recently it’s been a different story. There are few things more irritating than trying on the entire contents of your wardrobe  to find that everything feels wrong when on and you’ve totally lost the ability to coordinate. Then you check the clock and realise you’re already late… Meltdown impending. I think, or at least, hope I got my groove back with this outfit, even if I do look slightly like a giant blueberry.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

6 Thoughts on Look Du Jour: Preppy In Purple

  1. Amy says:

    I love the new hair!

  2. fashuNinja says:

    Amen on feeling like you’ve lost your styling ju-ju. Was what inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Love the hair, by the by!

  3. vivian luo says:

    your newest blog reader 🙂 i love all your looks and especially your fashion week recaps!! amazing <3

  4. Naaj Rona says:

    I noticed the hair colour first and thought that it goes well with the outfit. Outfit can definitely make or break your day.

    10. Mins to get ready, girl you are a superwoman. I take ages and especially it it is a special occasion then I take very long.

    Naaj Rona xx

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