Look Du Jour: Psychedelic Seventies

look du jour, psychedelic seventies, ella catliff, la petite anglaise

What: Scotch & Soda bomber jacket, Diesel psychedelic striped poloneck, J Brand velvet flares, Roger Vivier bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, Robert Clergerie wedges, Topshop socks & YSL Beauty lipstick

Where: Drinks at The Bluebird, Chelsea

Before we get into the outfit, I would like to apologise for this rather lame Look Du Jour name. Then again, I was originally going to go with “Seventies Steeze” so things could have been worse… I think. Anyway, while the name “Psychedelic Seventies” may be a little cringeworthy you can’t deny that it’s a pretty accurate overall description of this ensemble. There is a LOT of very bright colour going on not to mention some pretty serious flare action…

It’s no secret that I absolutely bloody love brights, preferably of the sunglasses requiring variety and often combined in borderline offensively clashing combinations. That can be a high risk and potentially cartoonish sartorial strategy but when it works, it works, which I feel hope was the case with this ensemble… Actually screw that, how could any situation involving these pieces be anything other than amazing!?

I’m not sure where to start with the individual items involved in this outfit, I’m in love each and every them. So let’s kick off with Scotch & Soda’s silk bomber jacket of dreams because it is the dream for me. The last Look Du Jour I posted was all about my favourite colour. My recent restaurant post focused a lot on my favourite foods. As I definitely don’t need to (and really shouldn’t, it’s even boring me a bit) reiterate, I’ve always had a tendency to get obsessed with certain things and those things make me instantly, stupidly, deliriously happy whether fashion, food or fun related. This jacket involves green (see above), glitter, clashing brights, impeccable quality and a hearty helping of OTT… Ahhh it is so great!! And could in fact be very versatile/much less attention seeking if worn with jeans and neutrals instead of every bright colour ever AKA how most sane people would instinctively style it. While I’ve always been aware of Scotch & Soda, it isn’t a brand I’ve ever paid much attention to but this beauty of a bomber has changed that, mes amies. I just took an unintentional writing hiatus to peruse their site and want E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

It may come as a surprise to learn that the clashtastic striped poloneck is by Diesel. The brand is traditionally associated with denim, leather and general badassery, not perky fluorescent hued knitwear. But in recent years Diesel have expanded their offering to include (and nail) unexpected delights without compromising the attitude they are renowned for, case in point this heart printed hot pants and bomber jacket co-ordination situation.

My divine velvet flares are by the one and only J Brand, whose trews I adore and have done my damn best to hoard for the best part of a decade. When it comes to jeans or trousers of any description, I’m all about a higher waist but sometimes don’t want to grapple with a zipper that reaches right up to my rib cage so the upper-end-of-mid-rise these babies are rocking is ideal. I accessorised with, you guessed it, more eye popping colours by way of three pieces I love and wear to death. Namely, my fuchsia Roger Vivier handbag, candy pink Karen Walker sunglasses and rich purple Robert Clergerie wedges… Then I added glittery gold socks into the mix because why the hell not eh!?


What do you think of this “psychedelic seventies” Look Du Jour? Has a line been crossed between fashion statement and eccentric nutcase or is it the rainbow hued triumph I believe it to be?

Love Ella. X